A Parents Guide to the 5 Best Skateboard Helmets (UK Edition)

Buying skateboard helmets and pads can be a confusing time. So we’re creating a guide to help you decide which skateboard helmet you should buy and later we’ll be providing a guide to pads, if you want to know when we’ve released our guide to pads, please follow the blog. Continue reading “A Parents Guide to the 5 Best Skateboard Helmets (UK Edition)”

Skateboarding as Stress Relief

This week has been pretty stressful, and so far we’re only on Wednesday morning. Due to events outside my control my life was spiraling around me and seemed to be nothing more than a chaotic mess. I used skateboarding as a way to remove myself from this cycle. Continue reading “Skateboarding as Stress Relief”

Freestyle Friday: Speedlab x Moonshine Wheels Freestyle Skateboard Wheels

Last Friday I left a small video of where I had was at starting freestyle skateboarding. I had said that for this week I would have progressed. Thanks to work, life, and small people I haven’t but I did manage to order a set of Speedlab x Moonshine freestyle wheels. Continue reading “Freestyle Friday: Speedlab x Moonshine Wheels Freestyle Skateboard Wheels”

Moonshine Lillis Åkesson “Elder” Freestyle Skateboard Deck

here we have a little bit on why I picked a Moonshine deck as I dip my toes in the dangerously dark waters of freestyle skateboarding. I mentioned that I’d go through my equipment choices, possibly boring you in the process but here we go. Continue reading “Moonshine Lillis Åkesson “Elder” Freestyle Skateboard Deck”

Sunday Sonambulations

Sunday is a funny day. It is a day many people think about rest, but it is also a day when many people indulge in their hobbies. I’m taking this as a sign that for many people getting involved with their hobbies is a rest compared to the rest of the week. Continue reading “Sunday Sonambulations”

Freestyle Friday: The Beginning

If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know I decided to try and return to skateboarding as a way to lower my anxiety and depression. One of the issues though is that I have huge anxiety on trying things I’ve conquered before and now just general transition skateboarding. So, step forward freestyle skateboarding. Continue reading “Freestyle Friday: The Beginning”

Throwback Thursday: New Deal Skateboards


New Deal skateboards are coming back. They are having 30th anniversay relaunch and bringing out all their classic graphics for 1990-92.  New Deal was the original useless wooden toy and now might be the time to look back on their classic videos. Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: New Deal Skateboards”

Iron Skateboard Trucks Review

So, last week I mentioned that I decided to try some Iron skateboard trucks. As I couldn’t find much information about these trucks, all I could was that they were made in the EU, I bought them and decided to give them a shot. Continue reading “Iron Skateboard Trucks Review”

Tuesday Thoughts: Dan Mancina

How would you feel if you found out you were going blind? How would it impact your life? Would it change how you did everything? Would you then fight to overcome going blind and carry on living your life the way you want to? That is precisely what Dan Mancina did. Continue reading “Tuesday Thoughts: Dan Mancina”