Pinarello Discover New Cycling Technology From The Past

Today was the day that I finally managed to actually go outside on a bike for the first time in months and I found out fairly fast that my fitness died in 2016 and is now residing with Prince and Bowie. So at least I can be happy for it.

In other things that happened today, Pinarello launched a new bike. In among all the ‘technology’, I found a piece of information that is most rewarding.

” Pinarello again use Torayca T1100 1K carbon fiber for much of the Dogma F10 frame and fork. They believe it is the best on the market and a Torayca logo is another badge of honor on the down tube. The Dogma F10 has carbon fiber dropouts, removable front and rear derailleur hangers, an Italian threaded bottom bracket and the Think 2 system that allows the same frame to be fitted with mechanical or electronic gears.”

Pinarello managed to fit a correct bottom bracket type to their new superbike but for reasons known only to themselves managed to thread it in a way that nobody else uses anymore, including all other Italian companies. Basically, they decided to use proven tech and just fuck with it enough to get you pissed off when you go to the bike shop and realize nobody holds Italian threaded bottom brackets in stock anymore.It is like they managed to miss an open goal, or is it all part of being a mysterious Italian firm or is that they have found a marginal gain that can only be had by having the right-hand cup decide to unscrew itself as you ride along.

I can only assume as they claim the frame is stiffer, that without a press fit bottom bracket is that the frame must now have no vertical compliance. Unless the bike trade has been lying to us all along. So you may not have the creak of a bottom bracket, you can now just have the right side unscrew itself and on top of that they use nice little bolts to secure your seat post, bolts that look like under no circumstances will their heads round out. At least you will have saved time thanks to the new aero feature of a seat post you can not secure and think of the weight you can save when you leave your seat post and saddle at home and if it worked for trials riders it should work for you when climbing a mountain.

They have also nicely added a nice little flap to the bike’s forks, this little flap makes you faster by the sheer smugness. This feature’s main aim is to let people know you are riding the F10 and not the F8. I feel this is perhaps the best feature that Pinarello could have added, nothing like letting people know you have the very latest bike and not one of last year’s high-end bikes.

Pinarello has also nicely made us a little emotional video to watch, the acting in this, I have been told, Donald Trump feels is much better than anything Meryl Streep has ever graced our screens with.Have your hankies ready and be aware your heart may ache by the end of this video.

Now to return to today’s ride. I should have guessed that today’s ride may have been a nightmare, my manly physique has fairly boosted in the last few months, sadly not vertically but on a horizontal plane. I currently resemble a Weeble, in the interests of everyone I have posted a comparison if you are faint of heart I would look away now.

So I was out on the Marin Nicasio SS, I can never get away from the Nazi connotation of SS. The Schutzstaffel would probably have rode fixed gear bikes, as the stereotypical fixie rider certainly seems to have an attitude that would have gone down well in the Third Reich. Death to all with false beards. So I took the bike to my old stomping grounds, as despite having lived in Glasgow for years I feel I know the country lanes of Stirlingshire better, plus the roads are in a terrible condition (the fixie SS would never have allowed this to happen) and therefore a better test for a ‘Beyond Road’ bike. Please do not tell me that roads in Glasgow are also terrible, I know that  and I just happen to think these ones are worse.

So heading out on a slightly miserable day, at least it was fairly mild for January. First thoughts going through my head are I do not really fancy these Schwalbe Spicer tires, I also can categorically say I would not use them ‘Beyond Road’. At 30mm they are a reasonable width and they do a decent job of deadening road vibration. They do however feel sketchy at all times, riding downhill they did feel a bit like they wanted to go there own way. They even took the edge off the fact I do not like Promax Render R brakes, the brakes did a reasonable job out on the road. They felt comparable to a V-brake, so at least they stopped me. The tires are just a no, still we have only reached around 10 miles into their life and maybe they will break in or maybe they are just not suited to the Scottish clime.

The bike though felt comfy to ride, the position that I was sitting in was good, upright but still able to get down if I wanted more speed. Today I decided to stay more upright as my lungs were not for playing ball.I would blame my asthma but the fact is I have no fitness. I like the Tektro brake levers, they felt good for my hands and offered a nice place to be. I have changed the seat post, saddle and seat clamp on the bike. The reason being I wanted to know how good the bike was and a wrong saddle choice can severely hamper how comfy you feel a bike is. As such I changed to a Concor saddle as I get on with them, this being the fairest option to the bike. As my Concor was attached to a Thomson seat post and I could not be bothered to swap saddles between posts it was easier to just throw that on the bike and lastly I added a purple Hope seat clamp. Chiefly because all anodizing should be purple and it also added a nice little touch to a dark bike, my excuse is it makes it easier to find in a bike rack with lots of other bikes around. The real reason is sometimes it is nice to have nice things.

Thomson bike seat post, San marco Concor saddle and Hope seat clamp. Marin Nicasio SS bike
Nice things, such as carpet

I have also added a nice set of SPD touring pedals that I feel will go nicely with SPD sandals if we get a summer this year. I also added the £1.99 bottle cages that you can get at Decathlon. They do not feel that they securely hold a bottle but they held a bottle in on a road that I have seen a few bottles fly out of more expensive (secure?) cages. I also felt that it was silly to put lighter and more expensive cages on a bike that I will basically be putting 1-litre bottles in for when I can hopefully get back to doing big days, going to the third closest Greggs rather than the closest. If you want to find out how to get to various Greggs’ establishments I have created a Strava and/or a Garmin Connect, depending on how you feel.

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