Alan Rickman, the NHS and Bikes.

Went riding today and was saddened when I remembered the Greg LeMond quote “It never gets easier, you just get faster”. I was thinking about this as I pedaled uphill wondering why I hated my life enough to be pedaling uphill. This might have been a more apt thought if I was pedaling on a harder route than I was.

My return to fitness is still a long way away but if all that happens is I’ll get faster, I am pretty ready to sack that and buy an e-bike. Feeling like I’m going to throw up is not a fun experience, having the cold air rasp my asthma ravaged lungs is not fun and I want to put in a moan about cars here but every car I met today had a nice and courtesy driver. Damn you guys, I need a villain, be the villain. Can someone resurrect Alan Rickman and shove him in a car?

I was feeling exhausted and hating exercise when I returned home and plugged the Garmin into the computer. I looked at my Strava, I had vowed to never actually look but you know I should have a little poke around. I saw that I was higher on a segment than someone I know rides a Cervelo, instantly I felt like a God, even though I am still down in a 100 and something place. It’s not about the bike, it’s about the legs and other such nonsense I felt like saying and very probably did say to very nonplussed cactus sitting in front of me. Saying that riding a £500 steel bike with one gear and beating £3500 worth of marginal gains is a great feeling and should possibly be available on the NHS, whilst it still exists.

I also pondered the Schwalbe Spicer tires again, I may be beginning to not hate them.

Garmin cycle computer, Niterider light and singlespeed bicycle.
Going nowhere fast.

Whilst I was also wondering about road surfaces and how many people pick their route depending on the road surface. I was pondering this as I pootled around a country lanes. Then I came home to find out that between 2014 and 2015 nearly 100 riders were killed or injured by poor road surfaces, so I should perhaps not be so whimsical about a serious issue. Maybe then it is not just cycling infrastructure the UK needs but just infrastructure in general. Still at least we do not yet have to fight potholes with bikes, when the singularity is achieved it may be a different story though.

Whilst we delve into safety, as cross racers use embrocation to fight off the cold, Safety Skin has created a skin spread to fight off cars. Skin spread sounds like a cheap pate to go on your crackers, ‘Ah, you can not afford liver pate, have you tried our skin spread?’ I would also advise caution if you type Safety Skin into Vimeo.


At least you may be knocked down by motorists puzzled by what you have done to your legs. It does tag Kickstarter and it is a great place to go and look at the world’s most insane ideas. We could for instance look at the world’s greenest bicycle, the Urban GC1.

Paper bicycle, world's greenest bike
What we will do is we will take a kid’s drawing…

Now I could mock the way it looks (but I already did that) and instead I’m going to look at the world’s greenest bicycle and think about that. Sure it is made of recyclable materials but how about I go and buy a second hand bike or one from a local bike recycling charity. Those bikes have already been made and are in my area. What is the carbon footprint of getting this bicycle from Mexico to Scotland? Instead, why not take one from a recycling charity that was going to become landfill, surely that is greener than bringing something else into the country that will probably just become landfill in the end as well. A recycled bike will also probably be more comfortable to ride as well, they do not look great to ride in their videos on Kickstarter.





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