The Nicole Cook Cycling Fan Club

British Cycling wants us to think badly of Nicole Cooke, they want us to think of her as a bitter, twisted women. They have wanted us to think of her that way for years, they want us to think that way so that we do not listen to her tell us the crimes of British Cycling. They are worried she can bring down their marginal gains utopia and with it the bucket loads of cash that they receive. In other words, when British Cycling talks badly about Nicole Cooke, they are running scared, showing just what little boys they are.

Nicole Cooke, cyclist
How many races have you won?

Cooke was in parliament giving evidence against British Cycling yesterday and stated that British Cycling was run by “men for men“. British Cycling could only respond by saying that they were “absolutely committed to resolving the historic gender imbalance in our sport”. This pretty much shows finally that they agree Cooke is correct and as such are giving us the old PR warble about future changes.

Well, let us take a look at the board of British Cycling. There are 12 board members and only one of them is female. In the UK just over 50% of the population is female. How then does a board become just over 90% male if they are committed to resolving gender imbalance? I suppose the fact that you can contact a woman if you need to talk to the board helps to adjust this balance?

British Cycling is run as a club, just a very big club. On any club, the members can vote to decide who runs the club or is the treasurer. Rule 26 of the Articles of Association bans members from doing this. This is like a company putting out shares, you buy the shares and you can not vote what the company gets to do with your money. This helps to allow BC to keep all jobs for the boys and try and have a token female to try and prove some semblance of gender equality. We have not even yet started on them for not allowing a colored cyclist to go to the World Championship despite being National Champion. He was not even allowed to fund his own way there, after the last time we beat the riders that were funded and took a bronze medal. As a national federation, they make me sick to my stomach.

What British Cycling needs is a reboot. A complete new bunch of people, people who want to improve cycling and not just their political position. We need it to be separate from any professional teams.We need to make sure that employees of this new BC do not have to jet around with packages for pro teams, especially if they should be organizing training camps for women. This brings us to PEDs and the fact that cycling never seems to climb out of that hole.

PEDs are like helmets and now disc brakes, everyone has an opinion and we seem to come to no conclusion other than we hate the other guy. So maybe another time…

3 thoughts on “The Nicole Cook Cycling Fan Club

  1. […] I could accept he took the package, if he was passing by where the package was held but he had to travel from London to Manchester, then back to London and then a 1000 mile flight. Why then did someone with a lesser role, who should have been easier for BC to miss for a few days not take it? Should he not have been managing staff and maybe doing some delegating or maybe even managing to organise a women’s training camp? […]


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