Cycling Video Tuesday and Sky Just Don’t Add Up


With the world slowly descending, admittedly the descent is getting much faster these last couple of weeks,  into a dystopian cyberpunk landscape, now has never been a better time to go cycling. This is because in the future as the world becomes a barren desert, as Hollywood shows us, a bike will become the Emperor of human transport so you might as well get yourself set up now.

We can also all accept the fact that as we get out the door and start to pedal we can all forget about the world’s state. What though if that was taken away from you? How would you hold up? This here is a video to help show how some people deal with huge personal issues and get on with life.


Whilst I am debating the use of the video medium to help cheer the populace up, I have to share this classic cyclocross video, a video which even after repeated viewings still keeps giving.


If you want to beat that video, what about a ninja kangaroo attack?


Now we are left with an American football star in the correct Houston, handing out sweeties on a fat bike version of a BMX? The marketing budget obviously did not contain enough money for original thought, as such this video contains cliche use of bagpipes.I am also left wondering what the true Scottish response to a huge guy riding a kid’s bike and handing out sweets would truly have been?


Now I have given you some nice motivation for a Tuesday morning, it is time to return to my normal broadcasting. I was thinking about the World Fat Bike Championships that were held in Crested Butte, Colorado, but as they are a cycling event that is not part of the UCI so instead I have to give them my full support, even if I think wearing lycra on a fat bike is wrong.

Fat bikes, lycra, cycling
Fat biking in lycra?


Today also marks the start of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) inquiry into Cycling and the Justice System. Hopefully as well as having Keith Bontrager give evidence they will invite all around cockwomble and Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling. Possibly it is time again to share the video of thate man who believes that cyclists are not road users.


There is probably no need to go over again why Chris Grayling is a wankpuffin, as it is all out in public already. I bet he even looks forward to a Trump state visit.

Hopefully, we can all look forward towards a system of presumed liability for motor vehicle drivers, helping to make the roads safer for everyone and lose the excuse of “I never saw them”, the worst excuse for killing someone but sadly one that works. The commitee will be live at 3.30pm and you can watch it live here.

We also saw more fun for Team Sky and British Cycling at the weekend. Not only do we now have Wiggins mystery package, the failure of the BC Women’s Manager (nee Coach) to do any coaching for women, Brailsford’s loosing grip on reality but we also now have the idea that their TT bikes in the Tour de France 2015 contained motors.

Now I actually think the motor one is a stretch too far. The idea centers around the fact that Sky’s TT bike was 800g heavier than their opposition’s bikes. Well, the were riding Pinarellos so they were obviously going to be heavier, always something I felt stood against their whole marginal gains thing.

I was willing to give them benefit of the doubt but sadly PR expert David ‘Dave’ Brailsford opened his mouth again. “[Chris Froome’s] bike has been tested more than everyone else’s, we get tested every day and we actually had an email from the UCI saying thank you for being the most cooperative team out of everybody when it comes to bike checks and mechanical checking,” Brailsford added. “If someone is stupid enough come here [to the Tour de France] with a motor in their bike for sure they will get caught.”

As we can all see that comment is straight out of the ‘Lance Armstrong Plausable Deniability Guidebook’, pretty much as soon as we see the ‘more tested’ or it’s synonm ‘most tested’ comment I instantly assume they are guilty and sadly I am usually correct.

We also have Cope still arguing that he did not know what was in the package he took to Wiggins and the semantics of his job title. So if he was a manager and not a coach as he now argues, why then did he have to make a huge trip to deliver a package and not an underling?

I could accept he took the package, if he was passing by where the package was held but he had to travel from London to Manchester, then back to London and then a 1000 mile flight. Why then did someone with a lesser role, who should have been easier for BC to miss for a few days not take it? Should he not have been managing staff and maybe doing some delegating or maybe even managing to organise a women’s training camp?

Seemingly Sky reimbursed BC but nowhere do they mention drafting in a Women’s Team Manager whilst they used Cope, some things do not have a monetray value, such as doing the job you were paid to do. It also sadly reeks of the US Postal idea of using none team employees to move various illicit substances around, rather than have too many people on the official pay roll. It all makes me super happy to be a British Cycling member, especially as like the vast majority of members I can not vote to help set the board that runs my club.








3 thoughts on “Cycling Video Tuesday and Sky Just Don’t Add Up

  1. Really, awesome cycling video! Every video inspired to everyone. But yes, I like the most 4 number of video and another video isn’t bad. Also cycling is good for diet control, this is really necessary. I love to cycling that’s why everyday goes to cycling in the afternoon. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this post and I love it.


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