The Bike Industry Is A Fun Place

I used to get excited about new carbon race bikes, now I feel nothing. I used to be a bonafide lover of Cervelo, now I just feel meh. I feel nothing for them. Cycling News were running a story about a new version of the Cervelo R5 and I clicked on the link not because I wanted to know about the new bike but because I felt I should.It is weird to feel you should look at a bike as an obligation and not because you would love to see it. I looked at it and instead of being amazed I just felt hat the bike was pretty predictable. I’m sure there will be people out there who are blown away by it but I just left feeling like I had been cheated.

Cervelo R5 bicycle
I’m sure there is a bike in this picture?

It just feels lazy, they just threw a Kamm Tail on here and went with a bigger downtube so as to have a much bigger Cervelo logo on there, just so people know you are riding a Cervelo. Just like using Apple products you want people to know. I know this as I am a recovering addict from this behavior. I suppose this is also a lazy complaint about the bike but since that is what I do best I will carry on.

Also in Cycling News is Romain Bardet telling us how good this year will be for him. I love the annual appearance of a French cyclist telling us how great their year will be for them and then they do not appear anywhere for the rest of the year. It is almost a bingo game of which cliches will they pull out, if it was only a podcast you could drink a shot for every one of them and be suitably inebriated enough to believe him at the end of the podcast.

“I still have a lot of appetite.”

Cycling Bingo winner

Carrying on my voyages in bicycling internet media land I went to Bike Rumor. Where they have a lovely bit about the new Astana Argon-18 bikes. Where all I could think was despite all the marketing telling us how all carbon bikes are made differently and as such can all be made to look different from each other, all the aero bikes are starting to look exactly like one another.

Carbon aero road bike
We use a higher quality of sticker, therefore we are the best

They also have a nice article on the All In Multitool, a tool that I think is aimed at tools. Ok, that is a bit harsh but I used to have to deal with the people who would have bought this tool. Do we really need this? Needing to have loads of tools like that on the road tells me you do no bike maintenance at home. Do it there, with proper tools and you should not really need this out and about.

Cycle multi tool
It is new and anodized, you know you want it.

The other problem is the person who needs this, generally, does not know how to use their tools and I can pretty much guarantee that the person using this will round all their bolts trying to fix whatever problem they have. I get that you can forget your multi-tool but a well-maintained bike does not need a tool set thrown in your cranks.

If you are a mountain biker, who is, therefore, more likely to have an off and have issues than a roadie or a commuter, you will no doubt be riding with a de rigueur Camelbak so put some proper allen keys in there and deal with the weight increase of a few grams by cutting your long shaggy hair.

Genesis Skyline Bike

Over on Bike Radar they are telling us you get a free rack with a bike, or could you actually be paying for the rack in the price of the bike? I guess we will never know.


6 thoughts on “The Bike Industry Is A Fun Place

  1. I used to get super excited over new and sexy bike kit, I’d go into every bike shop I walked past to check out what they had hanging on the shelves and lovingly spin the carbon hoops lined up in the racks. Then I worked in the industry for a while and the shine wore off. I still LOVE high end bike tech, but I don’t get as excited over it these days. I walk past those shops without going in (much to the delight of the other half). Zipp 808’s? Eh. New Dura Ace? Hmm. Lightweight Meilenstein wheelset? Okay that’s still super cool…


    1. Yeah, I also can not pass a bike shop without going in. I think the last high end thing I got excited about was eTap but that was mostly because I wanted to see if you can control the mechs through walls. You can.

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