Help, Cycling and More on Bells

Today before I become all self-centered and talk about me, I am going to bring to your attention a Go Fund Me that you should really help with. Generally,  I  do not care about Go Fund Me posts, I really do not care if you need a new laptop but spent all your money on nights out. This one is different.

Instead of me trying to be funny, here is Hannah’s first paragraph and after that, you can go and get your wallet.

“On New Year’s Eve, thieves broke into our flat, stole my keys then my car. My Nissan-Rio race trike was inside. They crashed it into a petrol station and set everything alight. Nothing could be salvaged. It was adapted to me- I have cerebral palsy which affects the way my legs, my torso, back, hips and my left arm are controlled by my brain, I also have poor balance and dodgy joints. I look like a twisty pretzel when I cycle. A really fast and athletic looking pretzel who trained her ass off to compete in the Rio Paralympics in 2016.”

Now in case you missed the hyperlink above, you can go to her Go Fund Me by clicking here. You should also read her next sentence as it is great, hence why I have left it as a teaser for you. Perhaps you may also want to write a letter to her insurance company about how they are the worst.

Now that I have been all self-righteous, let us return to me and my thoughts. Today I decided I fancied trying some offroad adventures on the Marin, now named Margery, and thankfully as I stay in Scotland having offroad fun basically comes down to opening the front door.

I headed off down the nearest road.

Cycling in Scotland
A main road in Scotland

At one point I started to think I may have bitten off more than I could chew but I managed to remember how to ride. Going to the staple mountain bike rule of keeping to your line and not trying to change that choice, combined with moving my body weight over the back wheel I could keep traction and not slide out. Remember if in wet, gloopy mud do not try and put your power down just keep your pedals turning at a nice steady rate and you will be fine.

Anyway, after the first offroad section I popped out at a little ford and looked up at the hill I had decided to dread.

Cycling trips through Scotland
Water, today in Scotland.

Turns out I may have a bigger monster out of the hill than it was. I just sat on the pedals and kicked out a nice easy tempo and next thing I knew I was on the downslope. There is probably some cliche advice I can give you there about this represents overcoming adversity but do you really want that?

As such, I decided to reward myself by taking Margery through the nearby pump track.

Marin Nicasio SS bike in the woods

It turned out to be more fun that I thought. Turns out you can never keep the BMXer in you down. After the skids and tricks, I carried on riding.

Singletrack on Marin Nicasio SS Gravel bike
Fun singletrack

I then came home and put the kettle on. After yesterday’s ruminations on the humble bicycle bell, I had no choice but to look at the Bellio smartphone cycling bell. The best thing I can say about this idea is the name sounds like how British people would stereotypically say bell in Italian.

One of the things I liked about the Knog Oi was how little room it took up on my bicycle’s  cockpit and obviously the cable tidy, this does neither. The Bluetooth button by itself being wider than a Knog Oi bell.

Bellio bicycle bell
Let everyone know you are there

On their Kickstarter they tell us “in a world of technical overload there is sometimes no space to fit the simple things on your handlebars.” Thank god then that someone has not gone into technical overload to make a bell…

As a way to save room, they do suggest putting the phone in a jersey pocket to alleviate clutter on the bars of your bike. Great a muffled bell now, rather than a nice loud bell. As you are essentially buying a Bluetooth button and an app for your phone to make it a bit different they have added a bear function to the app. Sadly this does not make big, hairy men come running towards you but they are designed to scare away wild bears, you will be pleased to know that they have tested this function in a country with no bears.

I bet running this app, Strava, GPS and Spotify that your phone battery will last for ages. What we could probably do with then would be a bell that does not need a battery, that way I can be sure it will work whenever I need it.

Perhaps if the Bluetooth button costs less than a Knog Oi I could be talked into it, oh it costs nearly £10 more, great. So basically I can buy a bell that takes up more room than a bell, costs more than a bell and may run out of battery. Seems like a game changer to me.

I am looking forward to the days I do not think about bicycle bells anymore.


One thought on “Help, Cycling and More on Bells

  1. […] I understand using your phone if you do not have a computer or GPS unit but if you have a many hundred pound unit that carries out those functions, why do you need your smart phone on your bike as well. What can it possibly tell you that you are not already getting? Answering a phone call would be terrible, with the other end of the call just hearing “whhsjaldjssds; ;wldlsk”. The only possible reason could be that they have a Bellio bell app thingy. […]


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