Wiggins Goes For Broke


Today I decided instead of just cycling to my destination, I would cycle further on and stop at a place I have seen many times but never stopped at. Sadly, though the coffee was not worth it, nor was the scone but I had time to ponder my thoughts. Which mostly on the way back consisted of, never go past your destination when you have a tailwind as freezing cold headwind is never fun.

Cycling, scotland, hated cyclist
A man who knows more than most about the fickle blowing of the winds.


Most of my thoughts were taken by how to make a joke about Sir Bradley Wiggins broken leg and mystery packages. All I could think of really was look at the TUEs he could now try and score, I wonder if he is about to un-retire and ride all three Grand Tours this year. Although I do think the cold air may have affected his asthma leading to his accident.


Bradley Wiggins cyclist
“Look pensive”


Admittedly that previous attempt at humor was terrible but remember those time the Sir Brad grumbled about celebrities and doing crap reality TV shows?


Whilst looking at the news of Wiggins broken leg I did find out on the Cycling Weekly website that I have been cycling wrong for years. According to one of the commenters, “with road cycling, 75% of the joy of mountains is going up.”


Cycling uphill
See the joy


Compared to this video, which shows the true pain of descending.


Maybe the writer has confused joy with relief that you finally got over that summit?

Looks like this is just a quick update today as my head still appears to be frozen from today’s ride.









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