Strava Brings Emojis to Fitness

So Strava has decided that what we all want when we upload a ride to Strava is emojis. I use Strava as a place to hold rides and look back at what I have done on a bike and as I have mentioned before a poor way to bring people to my blog.

As much as I am dismissive of them bringing in emojis, I am secretly hoping they bring a lovely “blowing out my arse” emoji, I feel my life needs that or maybe even a “fuck that hill” emoji. If these already exist, I apologize, but you see I am in my mid-thirties and youth culture is now a distant memory for me.


The man they brought in for his emoji knowledge is called Kevin Weil and he is a tech guru of sorts, I have linked his Strava there so you can go and do some cyber-snooping. Kevin tells us, “Anyone can be an athlete, and the fitness category deserves its own network for social engagement among like-minded individuals.” I still enjoy the correct way of social engagement, talking to people.

It is an amazing thing to do, you know if you stop for a coffee whilst out on a bike ride and there are other people there on bikes, try and talk to them. If only to save them draining their phone’s battery as they stare dead-eyed at a screen wondering what emoji the youth would use and should they really join Snapchat? They should not is the answer.

You know it is funny people heart, like, love posts about other people going on or having adventures and these very same people forget that they can do exactly the same. You can live vicariously or you can remove yourself from a screen and go live. You know if you post your pictures, people can then heart, like, love them and wish they were you. Legally I should point out I accept no responsibility for the fact that no one cares about your adventure.


Cycling stories


Turns out I am all about memes today. “Please like me, I am still culturally relevant”.

The other note about Keven is that he is in charge of monetization for Instagram, so pretty soon like Facebook, we will realize that no one sees anything you post until you pay them some money. It seems to be successfully working for Facebook (who own Instagram, in case you did not know) as people are not leaving for new pastures but merely posting memes and complaining in Facebook posts about it.




On that note I am off out into the real world, wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “Strava Brings Emojis to Fitness

  1. Ha! Finally, another who doesn’t get the emoji thing. I wouldn’t know how to add one on my Strava ride anyway. I use Starva also to look at other routes in my area to change things up a bit-for that reason, I am really fed up with Zwift


    1. It makes it all worth while. I would be happier if they offered a solution to a Garmin deciding to glitch mid-recording. Seems like a lot of other people want that.


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