SRAM Gets a Much Needed Upgrade

The best new part for mountain bikers running SRAM 11 speed has arrived. 

Yip, Problems Solvers have created the Zinger. With the Zinger,  you can now convert your 1 x 11 setup into a 1 x 1. Save yourself the hassle of buying lots of new chains, never have to worry if you are in the correct gear and forget about the hassle of bent hangers. You can set your cycling free, much more free than if you run Eagle.


Cycling in one gear is better
The magic box. (source


Take that SRAM and your trying to make people ride gears.

This all only counts if you run an XD driver, if not then it is not a problem you will have come across or have to deal with.

In case you have not realized it, I like this product. It is the kind of thinking cycling needs. Saying that SRAM creating the whole 1x movement because they could not make a front mech that works correctly is a genius idea, so why have they not gone the whole hog and disposed of rear mechs as well I do not know.

In a completely different story. Water across the road caused the peloton to crash in the Tour of Oman, pretty glad none of them were on my lovely Scottish ride today. By the way, if you look at the Strava ride, I did not stop in the middle of nowhere but the Garmin did as Garmins do and stopped working.


Cycling at Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond today, the hills were in hiding.


Apart from the ground being as wet as the loch, the ride was actually great fun. Including fixing the puncture caused by a broken piece of a Buckfast bottle. It is all part of the beautiful nature of Glasgow, today the first person I saw as I reached the Glasgow city limits was pushing a pram with a can of Tennants in its coffee cup holder, the next person was riding one handing drinking a can of Strong Bow.


Cycling should stay classy


Still, the ride was a great test of the bearings on the Marin Nicasio SS.


Marin Nicasio SS review
“Want a bike with that mud?”


Given the cleaning I am doing this year, I think I should be getting shares in Muc Off.

If I am being truly honest I am still surprised that the square taper bottom bracket is still functioning, I thought given the weather the bike has been out in that this would have died weeks ago. Turns out, sometimes old tech is not all that bad.

Something else that I quite like is the way the fork crown is shaped, this helps to stop the worst of the crap getting into the headset bearings. I could run a front mudguard to counter that problem but having fitted approximately 1 billion mudguards in my life I just can no longer face fitting another set.





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