Do My Bars Look Stupid In This?

The last week has been rough, as such I am pretty much ready to forget all about it. I have decided from now on I have to deal with life in the same manner as Peter Sagan deals with Haribo.


The video of Sagan’s second place at Omloop Het Nieuwsblad has also been doing the rounds, as seemingly it is like a stoner movie. I feel it is more like a very tired athlete, being interviewed in a foreign language and  who has also reached the point where he just wants to be anywhere else.



The best cycling video of last week, however, has to go to Flemish rap superstars, Van Echelpoel. I have no idea if they truly are superstars but this song by rights should secure them a place amongst the greats. It has been stuck in my head for days now.

Does this mean the world needs more songs about Tom Boonen?



The main thing about the video is I can now see why Tom Boonen needed the cocaine, I can imagine it works really well with the psychedelic, almost Krautrock parts of this track.

Over on Bikerumor, Jagwire is showing off their new derailleur gearing outer cables. Their main selling point is that they are half the weight of other outers. If you are the sort of person who thinks gear cables are too heavy, I do not want to sit and have a conversation with you.


Lighter bike gear cable
Lighter gear cables because you suck at pedaling up hills


We are also now at the stage where the people who think they need lighter gear cables have probably just bought SRAM Etap. Obviously, the best way to save weight is just to not run gears but for the person after a lighter gear outer, that is probably thinking so far out the box that their head has exploded.

Honestly, lighter gear cables.

In other things that make me wonder about people. Welcome to Shape My Grip.


Cycling products. Shape my grip.
The reverse knuckleduster


Ever felt you wanted your bar tape to have someone’s hand print in it for you to try and rest your hands? Turns Shape My Grip have you covered. You know gloves come in different sizes, right?

It claims to help hand numbness. I really hope somebody tells them that hand numbness is usually a sign that something in your bike fit is wrong and not dealing with that properly can lead to a whole host of problems.

In the picture below, can you see where it might cause a braking problem?


Cycling parts
Dude, my brakes don’t work now


Humanity, always working to solve problems that do not exist but not working to sort problems that do exist.




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