Mystery Package and Tubeless Heaven

Looks like things are getting interesting the Wiggins’ mystery package saga.


It is almost the old “We had all the paperwork but had a very localized fire” excuse that businesses used to use before we discovered computers. I do enjoy how it was not just lost but stolen, it is those little touches that make the story all the more believable.

Carrying on with believable tales, I went for a bike ride today. I forgot the Garmin so made sure to take pictures so that you can all know that it really did happen, I am a little bit worried that the blue sky might make you think the photos were photoshopped, though.


Cycling in Scotland
Scotland, it does not rain all the time.


By the way, I now do stickers. Message me using the Ask Me Anything button if you want some.

What I can tell you after my cycle today is that going tubeless was worth all the swearing at the tires.

I have no idea if it is true or not but I felt faster on the bike today, which since my tires have gotten fatter should not be the case, according to conventional wisdom. I am now up at 700×38 compared to the 700×30 tires that originally came on the Marin Nicasio SS. Given that the roads I ride look like this.


Scottish roads, cycling
A main road in Scotland


The fact that I now feel that I am floating over the top of these surfaces and not chattering away as I ride makes me wonder why I have not done this earlier. Forget the puncture protection that you get by going tubeless being able to ride across these surfaces fast and without fear of a silly crash is a godsend. I can even say with the bigger contact patch on the ground, my braking has also stepped up a notch.

Basically bigger tires and a tubeless setup is ace.

Although maybe I now need to buy those new Fox forks.


fox forks gravel bike


Or I could just buy a mountain bike, preferably one without a Fox fork as well.

Do you really need 60mm of travel on a gravel bike? You could always buy a hybrid if you think you would need the front suspension, generally, you do not need front suspension as it will not make any difference on the road. I am only using 60mm travel as I saw a site that said that, another site said 30mm. If it is 30mm, just do as I did above and get wider tires and drop your pressure. Then you will have some travel, less weight and you will not have to have to send your forks for servicing every few months. You could just put a Fox sticker on your forks if it will make you feel better.

Have to say the picture does make it look closer to 30mm travel than 60mm travel as well. Given that the prototype was pictured on a stock Santa Cruz Stigmata, the 30mm would make more sense as it would not change the bike’s handling too much.


Prototype Fox fork gravel bike


the question is, though, where are the mounts for panniers and cages on the fork?


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