Peter Sagan: The Human Cyclist

Peter Sagan, I mentioned him on Monday and again he has come up with a video that is a little bit different.


Various parts of the cycling media are getting blown away with this, they can not believe a racing cyclist may do other things other than race a bike. We have seen him star in bad musical adverts, do some skiing and wheelie about places. As opposed to being a person who may just have some hobbies and a personality, a person that is the complete opposite of many of the staid professional sports people of the bicycle racing scene, they are trying to make him out to have a god-like stature and doing things many people do not do, admittedly I will not win any races.

It is interesting that we have now reached a time that someone who enjoys life is taken to be outside of the normal human experience.

Do you praise your friends for them making their own dinner? Were you amazed when that lady from the club run went skiing for a week in Tignes? That night your pal jumped up and did some karaoke, what a guy.

Why are we looking at someone who is just running through the human experience and make out it is anything other than what we all should be doing, regardless of exposure.

I do get that this is an advert but many seem to have forgotten that as well.


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