British Cycling Suck

Yesterday, in case you missed it, the whole British Cycling and Team Sky marginal gains house came tumbling down. I debated about blogging about it but instead, I was off doing things British Cycling should be doing.

As I have said before British Cycling seems to hate cycling, particularly grass roots cycling. We have a huge drive for medals but slowly we keep moving away from realizing that just focussing on our current elite rider0s and marginalizing the grass roots of cycling is not the way to carry on success.9members

We have an organization that has set its rules up so as to mean it’s shareholders (members) have no real say, an organization that is now putting a levy on race fees to effectively charge you twice for sports development, an organization that does not turn up to help with creating new grassroots facilities.

As I said yesterday I was doing what British Cycling should be doing. I was at a meeting about using cycling as a way to turn a hugely disadvantaged community around. At these meetings, you can find many bodies that have representatives. You have Sustrans, CTC, green network people but at every meeting and there has been a lot of them, I have yet to see a British Cycling or their subsidiary up here, Scottish Cycling official there.

They will be at the big, glamorous facilities that are being put up in Glasgow or already there, the elite facilities but will you see them at a grassroots facility. No, they are just not interested. This for me is why they should be replaced, not because they can not tell the difference between private and public body teams, or how to correctly store medical records or travel records, employed some of the dodgiest doctors in cycling, or even that they employ sexist and ableist coaches. The fact is, they purport to be the UK’s main cycling body but they just do not care about cycling.

/end rant

By the way, if we truly want to increase cycling numbers, we need more adverts like this one.


bike riding is awesome

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