Laufing Around

It is Sunday, the weather is miserable and I have a pile of tires to sort, I have therefore decided procrastination is a much better thing to be doing.

Gravel Cyclist on Youtube has a video of that Lauf Grit fork that you will have no doubt seen.

Like the Fox fork, all I can think is that you are going to better off with wider tires and a lower pressure. Watch the video and see the way the bike goes over the washboard style surfaces, the fork is just a bit of a waste and that is conditions you are very likely to encounter whilst you ride. This is because the Lauf fork can not rebound fast enough on those surfaces, pretty much the same as with most other suspension forks.

Lauf Grit fork cycling
Does it make Lauf easy?

Saying that at least the fork does not have parts that require servicing or seals or anything that other suspension forks need but you know neither do rigid forks and rigid forks will be lighter and not have any bob as you pedal uphill.

Wider tires, less air. It is that simple. It will also not cost you as much money and you may even save some more weight from your bike.

Not going to lie, though, they do appeal to my post-apocalyptic aesthetic and I would very probably buy a set to Mad Max up my bike. Saying that a Lauf fork would have looked good in Turbo Kid as well.

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