Blatant Plug

Believe it or not, I have a book coming.

In the real world I am a ghost writer, given the quality of the work I put up here, this may seem amazing, by the way, if you want me to write anything use the Ask Me Anything button. I will now finally have a book with my own name on it, well not my real name unless my parents really did call me Sultry Single Speeder. Having spent time living in the West End of Glasgow, this could be a real proposition given what some children are called there.

I have been informed that I should hype up people via my social media and blog about the fact that they should be readying themselves to open their wallets and propel me onto best-seller lists everywhere. I have a penthouse and a mid-life crisis car to buy, don’t you know.

cycling author


Life feels pretty dirty now that I have just posted the world’s most blatant plug. So because I am a nice person have a little, tiny excerpt for free and I promise I will not plug too much in the future, will have some nice free things to go with the book as well should you purchase one in the future. It will be available in a few months, depending on things such as my ability to deal with deadlines.

I once went to university because I wanted to know how the world worked, once I discovered how the world worked I decided I really did not want to know how the world worked. I then did what any self-respecting person would do and retreated into the world of bikes.

The safe, cosy world of bikes. A world where there were standards you could look at and know that they worked, a comfort blanket of standards was exactly what I needed after looking at the realities of international relations and how the global political economy worked. The bike world looked rational and my education told me that people were rational so it all made sense.

Then BB30 happened and my life was once again a riot, a place where rational standards appeared to hold no sway. A place where threaded bottom brackets that had brought me solace, were now disguarded as “old”. Now we were approaching the world of the alt-fact. Amazingly the bike world heralded this before politicians could react. The press fit bottom bracket was the test ground for the new world order.


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