The Weather

Today was a day of two bikes and two very different weathers.

Marin Bike Nicasio SS, Surly Troll bikes and Robert the Bruce
Scotland, today


As you can see this morning there was a bit of blue sky and in the sun the weather felt warm. Especially with a little stop at the Bannockburn Heritage Centre, leading to some pondering on the future of Scotland.This afternoon, it clouded over and ended up with bitingly cold rain and headwinds, in all directions. You have to love living in Scotland.

The cold helping to aggravate my asthma and make me wonder why I was bothering today.  I was going to use this as a way into talking about Team Sky but honestly, I can no longer be bothered with the saga. Can Sir Dave of Brailsford resign, could they stop using Alistair Campbell to spin against Dr Freeman and can we all just get the British Cycling statement saying that there were errors made and now we have learned from them. Do we need the fully drawn out soap opera before this happens? Honestly, using Alistair Campbell instantly tells us you are wrong.



Any excuse really to shoehorn in some Malcolm Tucker, got to thank Alistair Campbell for that.

Enjoy your day.


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