Peter Sagan’s Hair: The Truth

Today I have been thinking about hair and what does it do for cycling performance?

I have come to the conclusion that the best male cyclists are all bald or balding. There is a  myth though that testosterone causes male balding and as this also increases muscle mass, then balding cyclists must have high levels of testosterone and be good at sportings. As such I am despite calling it a myth, going to believe in this theory. I am also bald, so that may explain my cognitive bias.

As such I have decided that Peter Sagan is wearing a wig and trolling us all.


Peter Sagan Cyclist
Hair today, gone tomorrow


I am also proposing that there should be a UCI rule, based on the old 50% hematocrit test, that if someone is more than 50% bald they should not be allowed to compete, otherwise they have an unfair advantage.

Given that we are now in a post-truth world I am going to provide absolutely no evidence to back up my claim other than by saying that all opinions are valid and that if I believe it, it must be true.

This may all be an allegory.

Now I also worry about people and their insane decisions about gearing, we all know that single speed is the best but now CeramicSpeed have hit a Zenith for people who need SRAM Red eTAP.

They have created the CeramicSpeed OSPW titanium derailleur jockey wheel. This piece of 3D printed titanium can be yours for only $1700, it is twice as durable as an alloy jockey wheel, 10% lighter and at only 170 times the cost a complete bargain I am sure you will agree.



I personally can not wait to see the reaction of the Weight Weenies forum.

I really hope nobody buys a set but people will and I just can see no justification for it, even if you can afford it, why waste your money that way? You will never get that Strava KOM you crave by buying this ‘marginal gain’, although your hips may now travel with less hindrance from the cash in your wallet.



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