More On The Marin Nicasio SS

Today I went out on a little ride, it was probably a little bit unfair on the Marin Nicasio SS as I took it to some places that most people will not ever ride their gravel bike around.

The Marin Nicasio SS gravel bicycle
Lovely weather today

As you can see I took the road less traveled today. I also remembered that Scottish mud can be really fun to play about in.

Marin Nicasio SS bike in the woods, singletrack
In the woods

What I discovered was that as today’s ride went on, I started to ride the Marin like it is a big BMX bike. It may be a drop bar bike that does not mean that you can not skid, wheelie, manual, rail berms or jump over stuff. It might not be the kind of riding that Marin advertise the bike for but it can certainly be a load of fun, even if Bikeradar believes it can not be.

I think I may be needing to do a load of cleaning after today but it may be the start of the end for the square taper bottom bracket. Still, I am planning to change it to a stiffer, slightly cooler crank around Easter so now I may have a legitimate reason for doing so, rather than that I feel it may have a better-looking aesthetic. This, however, is not a complaint about the bottom bracket, I knew I aimed to change it so maintenance has not really happened to it.

I feel I should also point out again that for a £500 bike, the Marin is holding up really well. It has been on century rides, through blizzards and round pump tracks and it has never complained. If all bikes could be like this I would be a happy person. Still stoked on the fact that I converted it to tubeless as well, it is the future for all gravel bikes.

And seamlessly from that note, I now see that Mavic has updated the classic Open Pro rim into a new wider tubeless ready model. The only sad thing for me is that they have moved the rim from the classic Open Pro box style rim to their ISM4D. I guess like many things I will be resistant to change at first and then a year down the line wonder why I even liked the previous version. The rim also comes in at 420g if you like a cheeky little drugs reference.

New Mavic Open pro bicycle rim
It is new, I, therefore, am unsure.

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