Bicycle Thinking

Today I had a load of stuff to do, as such I serviced two bikes and built a third one up.

bmx bike in scotland
Sun was out for a minute

The bike I built was my own designed BMX frame, check me out. There are a few things you can not see but which make it a super stiff steel frame, the bars are also pretty unforgiving. This bike was an exercise I ran to see if you could make a steel bike that was really stiff. The project has sort of worked but is currently shelved until the pound reaches a rate at which the manufacturing of this will make sense. It can also be scaled up for race, cross and gravel bikes., all of which plays on my mind but at the minute is unfeasible for me to carry on.

Now I may not be happy about Brexit dealing my idea a bit of a blow but this project taught me a lot about life and gave me a whole bunch of new skills, some of which I now use as my day job. So if you have a dream, go for it, you may not make it but you may well be in a better place than you were before. That is my motivational talk for today.

I have also thought about using Kickstarter for the project but I am too vain to have my baby online besides this.

Velo Visor cycling
I aint getting no fly in my eye.

The fact that 7 people have backed this project worries me, have they not heard of sunglasses? Can you imagine riding through Glasgow and stopping at a set of traffic lights with this on your head? The laughter would kill you.

I presume the creator has no close friends as surely one of them would have said, “No, just no.”

It was the suggested I look at Indiegogo but again Velo Visor was there. I do appreciate that it is in their Fashion category. It may just be further proof that I am getting old and do not understand young people but I’m going to give them the benefit of doubt and think they hate the idea as well.


I then decided it can not just be cycling that has crazy ideas on these funding sites and I finally found what I had been looking for my whole life. Every morning I wake up and ask when will the world create an off-center rotating gym, now I need ever ask again.

gym cycling
You want it!

It turns out this idea is great because the Earth orbits the Sun and that is a similar idea! Galileo was so nearly there.

Saying all this I am greatly happy that many people are now thinking outside the box, it is leaving the box a nice comfy place to be now.

3 thoughts on “Bicycle Thinking

  1. You think that talking about my project in a negative way is constructive. I’ve actually been featured on many pages for free.
    My visor has be been viewed by 750,000 people. I direct them straight to my site without paying Kickstarter. It’s actually being shown on another well known site as I’m writing to you. They asked to feature it and it’s been viewed by 50k shared by 50 and liked by 300, loved by 7 laughed at by 6.
    Now Kickstarter and Indigogo seems to rely on other outsourced companies that you have to pay.
    I haven’t had to.
    I’d love to hear about ur project?


    1. Hi,

      I have never claimed to be constructive but how many of those views have you converted, I can only see 7 that would mean you are converting a 1/100000th of the people viewing? Please do feel free to carry on being upset by someone writing that your idea sucks on a small, hardly read blog. The harsh reality is going by your number 749,993 people agree with me.

      My idea is currently with a patent officer as such it would be remiss of me to speak about it. Please feel free to come back when I can reveal it. By the way it has also aready been hinted at in the cycling press and I haven’t had to pay either.


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