Springy Saddles and Forks

So I feel I have been neglecting this blog recently, this is most likely due to the fact that I have been neglecting it. Some people may know and some people may not that I suffer and fight against depression and sadly in these times everything seems to say that the big deep black hole that I am looking into is probably for the best.


As such my bed has been the most inviting place I have been to recently.  It is truly a great place, I may even get the lead fridge from the fourth film in the Indiana Jones trilogy and have it placed in my bedroom for when nuclear armageddon begins. The fourth film can not be considered a true Indiana Jones movie as it is terrible and an insult to the rest of the family. Much like why Michael Bay can not release a great movie as all his other films will be upset, how does he even still get work?


Yesterday I looked at Bikerumor whilst I was thinking about getting up. I came across a reason to not get out of bed fairly fast.

Bicycle seat suspension
Sweet Jesus!


Why? It is a question I can not answer. Seemingly it works like suspension, great use wider tires.


I look at it and all I can think is it is a paper clip. Have you ever opened and closed a paper clip a few times. What happens to that paper clip as you repeatedly bend and straighten it?


It will also be a fun thing to try and get your seat set correctly, a lot of faffing for not any real reward. So the saddle goes to the correct position when you load it? Cool., what happens when it compresses like suspension should?


Do you sit down to pedal uphill? So what will then happen as you put some power down, will it bob and therefore make going uphill more fun and more of a challenge. I also can not see what advantage this will give you over a correctly set up bike, a lot of discomfort in the saddle area is more likely to be a setup issue or a saddle you just do not get on with and buying a big paper clip will not sort that.


So after wondering about that, I decided to have a look at Bikeradar. Turns out that I need suspension on my gravel bike or I am doing it wrong.


Bicycle website Bikeradar
Buy, consume, buy…


So we have a website telling us we need suspension on gravel bikes and that 30-40mm travel is not good enough. This could be because 30-40mm would mean you do need to change your frame as it will not affect the geometry of your bike too much. So we are now clearing the way to tell you, you need to spend loads more cash or you can not ride across rough surfaces.


Now I have already explained why you do not need suspension on a gravel bike so I will not rehash those arguments again. If you still feel that you need more suspension on a gravel bike there is already a small niche of bikes that will help you there. Go Google mountain bikes and you may find what you need.


Got to love the bike trade.


5 thoughts on “Springy Saddles and Forks

  1. Yep, got to love the bike trade:

    Buy this, no this, you don’t need this anymore you need this, actually it turns out this is what you need, all the cool people are buying this, now buy the thing you used to buy because it’s retro, what about this, it’s a new colour…

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