Ideas Are Reborn

So the last couple of days have been fun and I do not mean that in an ironic ‘Oh I am so funny’ way. Life just likes to throw your curve balls.

If you remember I wrote about not wanting to Kickstarter an idea because I did not want to put my project up beside VeloVisor. Well, it turns out I annoyed the owner of said company.


Velo Visor dumb cycling idea
Internet beef, how we all love to tuck in.


I did approve his comment and did respond to it. If you do not want to click the hyperlink that is above the picture. I basically said thanks for thinking my blog is bigger than it is but your site only shows 7 sales and if you have 750,000 visits that would mean a lot of people agree with me and not you. I was really hoping for a further response, but it has not come forward.


I did not update this blog yesterday as I was off doing some other work. It was very interesting work and I will be working with some other people to get more kids into cycling. I would say to keep them off drugs but we all know that is not going to happen with cycling.


On top of this, I have been talking to manufacturers and I have a new project to announce. I did actually announce it last year but life got the better of me so now we have a new announcement and in many ways that is better.


poetry bikes


My new/old bike company idea is coming through. We are called Poetry Bikes because riding is all about flow and rhythm. That is correct I am middle class but I do feel apologetic about it, especially when I read The Guardian eating my falafel.


The idea is that steel is cool and I came up with an idea to make steel frames ‘more stiff’. The idea actually worked but Brexit got in the way, *generic Brexit complaint*. You can see it in the frame above if you look really closely.


So we will be making custom frames with my idea carefully implemented. By going custom and not off the shelf it means we can work out a better pricing structure and we can work with you to get a frame you want. Now I understand that you may not want a BMX race frame and well I can understand that but we are also going to be doing some single speed adventure/gravel bikes.


So keep an eye out and if you want more information send me a message using the Ask Me Anything button.


Enjoy your Friday.

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