The Bugatti Bike

Over the weekend there we had Scotland’s summer, 3 sunny and warm days with no wind. This meant I took time away to get my annual dose of vitamin D and to look after a small person and test prototypes.

Scottish summer cycling
What is that blue stuff?


It was most definitely taps aff weather this weekend as we hit 14°C. As such I completely ignored the internet, it was hard but I managed it, it is possible to go net free for a bit. This allowed me to get on with thinking and enjoying life.


I was not depressed by our continuing slide in to armegeddon.  I watched birds in the skies, saw deer grazing in the woods and crashed, repeatedly. Life was good.


Deer just out of shot


I watched people ride full suspension bikes through an area I was riding a rigid steel bike, having them look down upon me as I had not decided to bankrupt myself in order to have some gold bouncy bits. Even though I noticed this, the weather was not letting me annoyed by this.


This morning though I looked out the window and we were back to good old Scottish weather. I then saw the $39,000 Bugatti single speed bike.



How can you try and sell a bike for $39,000 that looks so hideous, did no one at the design meetings try and actually create a great looking bike?


The brake cable scares me, why so tight?


Why are they also making 667 of them? What significance does this number have?


More importantly, why?


I suppose at least it is aero, well as aero as you can get with a flat bar.


My favourite piece of information is contained on the website that goes with the bike, it has one great key feature.


bugatti bike key features


That is right, not only is it made of 95% carbon fibre (the other 5% being the tears of a baby), a blend of bike and car but it should not be used on public roads. A bike the perfect way to get from a to b but not for Bugatti, that is too passe, your bike is designed to sit in your house and be used as a place to hang your shirts from.


Congratulations you just spent $39,000 on a paper weight.

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