Good Friday Cycling Gossip

Today is the day, the day I have cleared my schedule and will be able to post a blog post. It may inspire you. It may leave you feeling short-changed but ultimately it will be available for you to read.

Today I have even been out on a ride. It is here on Strava. It features many dead ends, much like my attempt to photograph my bike with lambs.


Marin Nicasio SS bike in the Scottish countryside
Never work with bikes and animals


There are many things in life that should be a dead end but sometimes people get a bit crazy and extend the ride to the dead end. One of those was that saddle seat spring.


Amazingly, they have beaten their Kickstarter goal and not by a little bit but by a huge amount. Which shows both how much people value my opinion and how much people will buy into a completely useless gimmick.


Bicycle seat suspension
Sweet Jesus!


I will just point out that this spring compressing will do long term damage to your hips and your pelvis. I am so glad that people felt they should pay for that privilege, possibly being lured into buying by the selective science quotes that do not prove this product works. In fact, read the paper and you can see it is the opposite.  It was probably a case of TL:DR, much like my blog.


bicycle blog


I was looking at Bikerumor and saw that Restrap is now doing magnetic water bottles. I have nothing personally against this idea, they do work for smaller bikes and would be great on kid’s bikes but the cost will always rule that idea out. It is just that this is the third time I can remember this revolutionary idea being launched in the last few years.


magnetic bicycle water bottles


Every time they are launched there is a great fanfare for them and then they sit on the shelves of your LBS for years. In fact, if you like the idea go and see your local shop and ask them for a Vincero Design bottle. They may have to blow the dust off it but they will be more than glad to get rid of it for a very small price.


Have you seen the new road disc protectors? I can not believe we live in a world where people need these. Honestly, I have sliced myself on more sprockets than I ever have on a disc, just to clarify I have never sliced myself with a disc brake.



road disc brake protectors


There is so much to hate in that picture. I am tempted to run a competition. If you can name everything that I hate in the above picture I will send you a jar of bile.


You know I do love cycling, I love the simplicity of it. I hate the “solutions” to “problems” that only marketing departments have thought up. I personally can not wait for the road disc argument to finish its slow death by Lingchi.


Happy and content cyclist
I will be this happy and content


I am now being reminded by my legs that I have ridden up things today, as such I am now going to lie on the sofa for the rest of the day. I may look at some photos I have taken.



I also now thinking about where I will ride to tomorrow morning.  It never ends, once you have the bug you can never truly be free of it.


We also can never seem to be free of the Team Sky doping allegations. Personally, I think it will hit an end game scenario around the last week in July. I wish the whole injection, coaching, and mystery package debacle could be wrapped up sooner but apparently, Sir Dave of Brailsford would like to prolong our agony here. I am really getting into the Chinese idea of Lingchi today.


The new allegations of illegally using injections may be hard for even Alistair Campbell to cover up for Sky. There is one bright light in all this gloom though, the new allegations do state that the mystery package did contain Fluimucil.


Well, it is Good Friday and I think I have gone through enough gloom now.


I am off for a cup of tea.








3 thoughts on “Good Friday Cycling Gossip

  1. The things that you don’t like in the picture:
    1) disc brake.protectors
    2) disc brakes
    3) compact gear set
    4) gears
    5) blue shoes
    6) socks that match the paint scheme of the bike
    7) the paint scheme of.the bike
    8) patterned socks
    9) curved, sloped top tube

    Do I send a stamped self addressed jar?


    1. Amazingly I actually like disc brakes (I just don’t think people need to rush out and buy them, possibly because having inferior brakes could lead to pile ups outside bike shops) and compact gears do have a place, not on my bike but in 10 years when I have no cartiledge left I’ll have changed my mind.

      Apart from that pretty much on the ball.


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