Spring Check For Your Bike


I keep apologizing for being busy and not updating enough. I am not sorry, to be honest, i am more delighted with life. As such here is a small guide I wrote about safety checking your bike after bringing it out for spring.

This piece is a slight cheat as I wrote it for a shop, do not be fearful though the piece does not try to sell you anything, except for your own safety.


Checking a Marin Nicasio SS bicycle brake
Stopping is fun, not stopping is not fun.

If you feel you do not want to click the link or it is TL:DR, basically it tells you to be sure bits that can turn do so, bits that should no turn do not and that there are no big holes where they should not be.

Now it is Good Friday, I have engineered a day off, the weather is great and I feel I may even fit a Garmin to my bike, so I must say goodbye.

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