Learning To Ride A Bike

So I have been out riding again this morning and I think a CX/adventure bike is great for Scotland’s great singletrack network. I gave up on full suspension bikes years ago, for many reasons, the main one was cost. Pivot bearings and rear shocks just do not like Scottish mud.

So I spent years on a hardtail, now having moved back to Stirling I am riding trails that I used to and only slightly getting lost. Back in a misspent youth, we used to ride down these trails, after being at the dirt jumps, on brakeless BMXs. You learned bike control pretty quickly doing this or you learned the names of bones, mainly the ones you had just shattered hitting a tree.


This I feel is missing from all the bike courses that are on offer now. They do not offer fun. They give you a nice piece of flat ground and bore you in submission. Make it dangerous and the kids will flood back. It is also a slightly more Darwinian way of getting your certificate.




Yesterday as I feeling in a great mood I had a rant or rants. I offered a jar of bile for a competition prize. We only had one entrant, as Mr. Biking2Work has won. If he wants to send me his address using the above “Ask Me Anything” button, I will not send him any bile but some NSFW Fuck G**rs stickers.


The slightly bitter single speeder bile is now more highly sought after than bear bile for traditional remedies now. Cyclists saving the world, one bear at a time.


If you fancy a little chuckle Road.cc have a great story about what could possibly be the greatest cycle path ever.


Cycle path to nowhere
Yeah, that is it. Brings a tear to your eye.


I also went and had a look at Bikeradar, to save you the bother. To be honest I wish I hadn’t. I have already complained about Bikeradar, I believe my complaints still stand.



4 thoughts on “Learning To Ride A Bike

  1. It may seem a bit hypocritical of me to put those stickers on either of my crosser or 29er as they both have gears. When I get onto the site I’ll send the address-maybe it will inspire me to buy a single speed to match…

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    1. N+1, I did once build a whole bike as I got a saddle for 99p and had no bike that I felt it matched.
      Possibly not the bargain I felt it was.


    1. I used to quite often ride them when I lived in Glasgow.

      I was in a silly, high end plastic and all the gears phase then.


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