As the UK plunges headlong into more bickering and infighting, I have created a Youtube page. A ray of sunshine as the UK carries on its headlong march into irrelevance in the modern world.

I had a few other things to write about but they are now all going to appear tomorrow, thanks to Youtube and editing videos not being as easy as I had hoped it would be. I am slowly turning into one of my parents I fear.



3 thoughts on “Youtubing

  1. Nice. Ride videos are so much nicer than all this political dross. I hope to add some vids to my blog once I find the camera, buried in a box somewhere at the mo. What software are you using for edits? And which camera?


    1. GoPro 4 and the cheap one thats name eludes me.

      I am using GoPro Studio which is free and even with my hamfisted skills I can manage to work it.


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