Marin Nicasio SS

So now be a chance to update how I feel about the Marin Nicasio SS as I have had it 4 months and I have recently changed it about a bit.


Marin Nicasio SS custom


So as you can probably see from the above I have changed a few parts around. As the post from the other day may show I have been taking the bike offroad quite a bit.


As such, I was going to change the chainring. I had planned on playing about with a Superstar Components 1/0 chainring. It was fitted to a Promax HF-2 chainset because of reasons, as such, I decided it was time to remove the square taper chainset and go with a Hollowtech system. I also decided to shorten my stem for offroad use, I had a 70mm Thomson Elite X4 stem so I fitted it.


I do admit that the stem and the chainset may be slightly extravagant parts to fit on this bike. I had mentioned before that I planned to ditch the square taper chainset and bottom bracket. This is mainly because I like riding in crap weather and mud, this tends to kill bottom brackets, particularly square taper ones.


So it was nice to see that when I removed the chainset that the bearings, properly sealed ones, were in great condition. This was great, the chainset itself was good, as can only be expected on a £500 bike. As the new chainset costs around half the value of the bike, I am not going to compare them.


I also fitted a new Deore Hollowtech bottom bracket, basically, as over the years I have found them to be dependable and workhorse like. I have also never had to warranty one in what feels like a lifetime in the bike trade. The Superstar chainring was simply because it was cheap and in a smaller size.


The stem was purely because I needed a shorter one for better control offroad. It was also the only spare 70mm one I had. The bike came with a 90mm stem rather than the advertised 75mm stem.


Things to know about the bike. After being alerted by Finnish reader, Ville, that his frame was missing pannier mounts, I checked mine and was missing a lower set as well. I contacted Marin, who were very nice, and asked about this.


Marin Bikes Reply on Nicasio SS


Given that accidents can happen, I am happy they are rectifying it for everyone. Much better than the stress of receiving bikes with no grease and seized parts and having a manufacturer telling you that that was your problem. Then they wonder why retailers will not sign up to big orders any longer.


I also had my top headset bearing disintegrate. The bottom one, however, was perfect. This is usually the other way round for myself. Handily as a BMXer, I had the right size of bearing sitting around. I have now then fitted stainless steel bearings complete with marine grease. I should be set for a while.


I also do not feel that the supplied FSA no 8 is a sealed bearing. The remains of my top one did not appear to be sealed. If you want to make your life easy here is a link to one that is sealed and will fit. At under £10 just now it may be worth a purchase to make future services easier.


Now saying this, I may sound slightly down on the bike. Trust me I am not. For £500 I think it is a bargain and possibly as great as a Surly Cross Check. Here though you get a whole bike for about the same as the frame and fork price of the Surly. I also love Surly by the way. I just think people should be aware of all plusses and cons on a bike before purchase


The bike has been on 100-mile rides with me, it has now gone down a downhill bike run, it has been through jumps and I have used it to go out and buy a pint of milk. It has basically allowed me to go out and enjoy life, I can not ask for more from a bike. It handles everything I throw at it with aplomb. A little view of the Youtube video again, I will be off tomorrow to make a more offroad one, perhaps including me going ‘Weeeee’.




I suppose the true test of a bike is that if it was stolen, would I buy another and I will say a resounding yes to that. I am also now planning a set of 650b wheels for it and some 47mm rubber.

Currently, I am thinking a set of Stan’s Crest wheels and perhaps the forthcoming WTB Byway tires, the tires may just be because Scotland has been fairly dry recently and I am loving the rock hard offroad conditions.



2 thoughts on “Marin Nicasio SS

  1. I just purchased the same bike, and this one too doesn’t have the rear bosses. I’ve sent a message to Marin and I haven’t heard back from them as of yet. I don’t see the dropouts listed on their webstore either. Do you have any insight on them? Thank you…great write ups too!! Thank you


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