Two Beginner’s Mistakes

Today I was out on the bike, “flying” through the woods and at one point I had a spill, another point I made a decision and after it all, I stopped at a very tranquil pond.

A very tranquil scottish pond bike ride
The best moments in life

So my points are

  • You will fall/crash at some point
  • Getting off is not cheating

I always told customers that when they went clipless, they would fall once. It would be when they were stopped and not thinking. The thing they were most likely to damage was their pride. You should never let that stop you doing anything though.

You will also fall more often on the ‘easy’ stuff than on the hard stuff. I have put a video below where I prove that idea. This is because, on the hard stuff, you will e concentrating. On the easy stuff, you will be thinking about cake. This is life. Dust yourself down and carry on.

Whilst out with some folks before, it was remarked that the guys new to cycling to would try stuff beyond their skills but the time served guys would say “No” if they did not like something. This is because they felt they had to step up because there were people there or they had their GoPro on.

This is a great way to go see a hospital. I am not saying never try stuff, just pick your battles and do not try and step up just to impress people. Generally being rad on a bike does not impress people as much as you think.

Even the best guys will walk away if they do not feel like something. It is easier to come back and hit it another day. It is a lot harder to that if you have broken yourself off.


After all this, I now have a little book available on Amazon. It contains some things from the blog but slightly expanded. It also features stuff, not from the blog. It is about making sure you do not feel intimidated about going into a shop or by certain marketing.




3 thoughts on “Two Beginner’s Mistakes

    1. Yeah.

      My favourite story about someone falling clipless was that I had a trip to the Alps with some friends. We were taking someone who alwayd rode with flat pedals. He decided to get cllipless pedals to make the climbs easier.

      We gave him the you will fall story. A month later he had still not fallen and was giving us grief up L’Alpe D’Heuz about never falling and we were all losers. Get to the top, cross the marker and he slows down raises his hands in the air and falls over. It was beautiful.

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