Monday Apathy

It’s Monday. It’s snowing. There’s a hurricane blowing. So I think I might just stay inside today.

If you enjoy a little bit of laugh at someone’s expense, perhaps a little look at what is now going on in Johnathan Tiernan-Locke‘s life may be in order. The man who blamed drink for his positive drugs test has now been banned from driving for the second time because of drink, perhaps he was telling the truth?

The irony is strong with that one.

cycling blog

In what was very sad news, Michele Scarponi was killed in a training accident. Rather than dwell on sadness, his team Astana put together a rather touching video.


As this was a rare glimpse of humanity, I decided to redeem myself by going to the crowdfunding sites to find something to poke fun at. Whilst there I realized that humanity really seems to want to spend money on solutions that are not needed. Maybe I just do not understand things nowadays?


Is this what happens as you get old? Do you go on crowd funding sites and not understand the problems that these products fix? Is this also why I do not understand Ed Sheeran? Should I just give up now?


Perhaps I will just go and have a mid-afternoon nap.





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