The Gravel Road Is Becoming Wearisome.

Today I came to the sad conclusion that having a book out does not instantly mean I can live the lifestyle of Hemingway. Quite gutted about that, although I do not know how I would have coped with the fishing.

Please feel free to purchase a book if you would like me to have an opulent and alcohol-fuelled lifestyle.


I was actually pondering to myself about gravel bikes in between wondering about sea fishing. I like gravel bikes and I felt they filled a great niche in the ‘making bikes that fit people who are not professional racers’ category but now as all things the bike trade is trying to make us consume more and more ridiculous versions of gravel bikes. Now I actually avoid looking at ‘new’ gravel bike articles but this week has seen a whole host of unneeded craziness.



Niner stupid Gravel bike
Oh Lord, why!


So over on they have this Niner and to be honest I had to check that we were coming to the end of April and not the start.


Seemingly this is to gauge interest and hopefully, it will be a resounding no but then I remember that people fell for the Rinsten seat spring idea. I do though think they should rebrand the Ringsting.


Suspension does not solve issues on a gravel bike. The road surface is generally too washboard like for your suspension to have enough time to rebound, thereby meaning you might get a bit of comfort on the first bump but you are kind of scuppered for every bump after that. The idea of this bike being more comfortable is playing to the same gullible sensibilities of the people who bought the Rinsten spring.


Just get wider tires, run them tubeless, and then lower your pressure. If you still have issues with comfort, perhaps try golf? I hope people do realise that on 24hr mountain bike races most people use hardtails as the “comfort” of a full sus bike is an illusion. It is a way to sell you a product that will cost you more money in upkeep than you need to spend.


singlespeed cycling blog


Capitalism it is great.




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