Carry On Pumping

Today was one of those amazing clear, blue sunny days with no wind that we sometimes get in Scotland. So did I go riding?

No, mainly because I have a chest infection as noted here. I did, however, get to go and stand on a piece of waste ground, which was fun. I was standing in the ground where once stood a behemoth of Scottish industry, the Ravenscraig steelworks.

A place that I am guessing the whole of the UK will very probably look like once we become the sick man of Europe again, it is funny how all those nostalgic folks miss that part. I was there to help see the signing off of a new pump track, which did not happen as the person who’s signature was needed, had decided to be iller than myself today.

However knowing this project will now be going ahead shortly is amazing. It also means that next year I will be working on a BMX syllabus for pump tracks, given my comments about not using brakes as a way to learn bike handling, my teaching career may not last long.

I have recommended shops before so I suppose I should recommend the shop that has been set up as a social enterprise to fund the wages of the people who will be teaching the future of humanity the way of the bike, this also includes my future wages so perhaps be wary of my ringing endorsement.

Go have a look at Socialtrack, it looks cool. Needs more BMX though.

I am away now to think of ways to inject more fun into the teaching of cycling.

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