Tips of May

The weather has been great, I have been out on my bike, and pressfit bottom brackets are slowly dying out. Life is great. I also have some great new cycling tips.

My first tip is to not properly pay attention during an offroad section, have a comedy fall and land with your legs in a nettle patch. The stinging sensation will help you to not feel any leg burn from cycling. Fun times will then be had.

Could not complain about the views though.

scottish cycling views

I also went up the B818 climb today for the first time in years. The last time I rode up it, I had a Cervelo S5 with the requisite bling parts. This time though, and this will be tip number 2, if you are recording a ride that may go on Strava do it on a cross bike with low tire pressures for the offroad bits. This will then allow you to use that as an excuse for slow speeds, remember never blame your own lack of fitness when you can blame your bike. You can always spend your way out of any problems you may have in life.

The B818 also made me remember that when you are doing a climb you do not fully enjoy, make sure you do not back it straight onto another climb, futility in itself.

The climb in no way is as bad as I am making out. It probably averages at just under 5% but it is the fact it is a drag and that I keep thinking it ends just around the next corner. It usually doesn’t, I am sad to say. I think as time goes on I realize more and more that I hate drags. The computer is telling me that drags should be drugs, I wonder if this is the slippery slope many athletes started on?

Writing about their existential pain on a climb and their computer corrects words to tell them they should use drugs. Slowly but surely the gray area gets broken down and before you know it you have taken a bucket load of PEDs and WADAwould like a talk with you. We’ve all been there.

I am also beginning to enjoy living in a bit of a dip. Every ride sadly starts with a climb but every return ends on a downhill and this is usually where I need a downhill more than any other.

Life needs more downhills. Remember and bomb hills not drop bombs.

chris froome hill bomb on a bike
Bombing hills, the pro way.




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