That Christmas Feeling

So I have been heaving with work again and forgetting that I am a professional blogger and should be working to a schedule so as to maximize something or other, possibly stress but I am not sure. Instead, I have been concentrating on more immediate visceral thrills instead.I have also been getting excited as I have sorted out my next bike to do a long-term review on, do not worry the Nicasio now has a new home with a high caliber athlete so finally, it might be getting ridden the way it is expected to be ridden.

Thanks to the guys at Single Speed Co I will be tearing around my local roads on a Polo and Bike CMNDR.

polo and bike cmndr review
It has gold bits, they make Strava KOMs happen

So why did I pick this bike?

Well at just over £400 the fact that it has a carbon fork and sealed bearings, it just seems amazing value to me. It also has a proper 4130 frame as well, so it has a proper steel frame and the whole GT style homage just works for me.

It, much like myself, just seems to be a nice simple package. Not much to go wrong and all wrapped up in som very nice touches. It might all be terrible but the guys on Reddit seem to like it, so it may actually just be a great offering that truly is one.

Now I am off to watch the Giro highlights, although as a TT stage I feel I may have already seen the highlight.


2 thoughts on “That Christmas Feeling

  1. Been following your blog, and I notice that you don’t believe in your own protests.

    You got the Nicasio because you didn’t want gears (what’s wrong with them?) and you didn’t want ‘plastic’ (this I agree with). Less than a month after a post in which you said you were considering new wheels and tires for the Nicasio, you sold it and got this bling with a plastic fork instead.

    I mean no offence, but I do find the inconsistency strange :).


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