Scottish Weather

Yesterday I packed up some of my Sultry Bike Co, Poetry Brand, and the Polo and Bike CMNDR. I then headed to Motherwell because I hate my life. I was off through to help at a little stall, the weather was the ever reliable Scottish weather that you can count on to make any day great.

scottish weather for a bike race

So as we set up to help Sustrans run a try a bike and Dr. Bike area, the heavens opened. This made the rest of the day a whole load of fun and hopefully when we run the same stand at this Tuesday’s coming Tour Series race the rain may well just decide to stay away.

Sadly, we had to cancel letting the kids ride as

  • the ground was too slidy
  • they weren’t stupid enough to come outside in the rain

Fun times.

Cycling also seems to be carrying it’s wilful ability to try and hide its dirty secrets in public.


At least they are suffering some repercussions and it looks highly likely that more sanctions will befall the miscreants. At least they don’t have to worry too much about the Governator coming for them.

sultry single speeder bike site memes

If you want to make your wallet a lot lighter and save some weight on your wheels, it might be worth reading yesterday’s rant. Bikerumor though has you covered with Tune’s new rim tape.

tune bicycle rim tape review

Now I get the point on branding, you want people to know you spent money, brands want people to know you bought their things, and sometimes the logo just looks cool. Here though, we have a logo on something that is designed to be covered over, why put your logo on it when it comes in a branded box? I also still just enjoy using electrical tape, costing a third of the Tune tape and I can just tell people I fitted the Tune tape and they will never know that I didn’t unless they read this.

I should also point out that I now have a few items up on a Shopify shop and also in a real store. Happy days. Currently, I am doing some bike parts and some clothing. The stuff is just a bit of a diversion from my real job and the bike parts are cool things that I have come across in my travels through the bike trade and no one seems to care about them but I love them.

If you want to know anything, use the “Ask Me Anything” button up there.


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