The Small Things

The small things, it is really easy to forget the small things. You spend all your time thinking about frames. They are big and easy to visualize but what about small things like wheel nuts?

They are as important to the quality of your bike as any other part. They just seem really hard to get people enthused about but really should you cheap out on them? Your rear wheel moves forward, this can be anything from banging your knee on your stem, to going OTB.

Your front wheel comes out and well basically, you are fucked.

So I was thinking about this and I was also thinking about a scooter and BMX craze I see at the skatepark and I think I have combined the two to bring a certain cool factor to wheel nuts.

titanium wheel nuts

Yeah, I went with colored wheel nuts. It is either rainbow or oil slick depending on whos catalog you read but more than that the are made of titanium.

Titanium as many of you will know is used because it is light and I admit that may be a good reason to use it but I have used it for a different reason. It is a hard substance.

Most wheel nuts I ever saw in the bike trade had been chewed by people using adjustable spanners or vice grips to get them off. I decided I wanted to try and stop that. So instead of using a cheap aluminum, I used titanium. Admittedly this costs more and as such the wheel nuts cost more.

I feel this will be offset by the length of time you own them though. They are also pretty to help justify the cost. You will also have nuts that should not get chewed up as easily, making it easier to tighten them down and save you from the above drama.

I also think I should stop here before I bore you to death but one final thing before I go. Whilst I was sorting out the wheel nuts this was the track I was listening to. Enjoy.


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