Today Is The Day

So over on the shop site, I have two new blogs and I felt should at least bring part of them over here. The shop runs on a Shopify theme and the various apps for importing WordPress posts to it all seem to make me want to cry, so this will mostly be a ctrl+c and ctrl+v voyage.


When you start to create your company, you may be amazed at how much reading you suddenly do or how your type of reading changes. Gone are the sci-fi books, the crime novels, the fantasy books and now is in e-commerce blogs and website tech guides.

Things I never read before now take up any and all of my free time, searching for that elusive nugget of wisdom that will make everything suddenly crystal clear. Backup why you think running your business is a great idea, especially when everyone else tells you that it can not happen and 99.9999% of all start-ups fail. You convince yourself that the next thing you read will be the only piece of information you will need in order to suceed.

Then you are on Google, searching, scouring, looking, trying to be ahead of a trend. The more you look, the harder this piece of blindingly obvious piece of information seems to be hiding.

We have a product, product we believe in but how do we get people to trust us enough to buy from us? That is the one everyone seems to miss. You can optimize images. You can be active on social media. You can write sparkling and witty product descriptions. No one tells you how to convince people that you are the trustworthy individual you feel that you are.

No one tells you how to convince people that handing money over to a brand new start up, that they have never heard of, is a great idea. Admittedly, I think it is but I also know as a consumer I would be hesitant.

Yes, I’ve sold to my network of friends but how do you grow outside that. I don’t think that running internet adverts will convince enough people, maybe I am wrong but I have set some up to see.

Moving on from that I think the only way forward is now to get out and meet people again. Show them who we are and what we do. In effect be an internet company but get out and meet people in real life. Sometimes the old methods might be the best and it is definitely easier to sell our tees when people can see them and have it in their hands.

Basically, what I am saying is keep an eye out for us, we will be in your neck of the woods at some point.

Wheel Nuts

So on a previous blog, I have talked about the small things and in that, I talked about wheel nuts. In that post, I talked about our titanium wheel nuts. Today I went to “test” some of our forthcoming stainless steel wheel nuts. My life as you can tell is one big party.

Again they are a part that does not elicit much excitement. I am now going to make an extraordinary claim though.

stainless steel track bike wheel nut

I put these wheel nuts on and went for a little ride. I had my Garmin on and normally I sit in the mediocre section of Strava. This is okay and I am happy with that as I have no aims to be Aldo Ilesic. However today I broke the top ten on a small climb near the Sultry Bike Co headquarters.

The ride can be seen on Strava. It was not long or too hard, although I did set a few more PBs.

The thing is if you look at my Strava, this is a new one that I set up to partner my blog that sired this company. I used to do go on long rides, 50km+ rides most days. This was great when I worked for other people. Now you can see that as I ironically set up a bike company, my riding stats are getting lower.

I am happy with this, which actually surprises me. I love riding, I love getting away from everything. Now, I can not do it anywhere near as much as I used to but I feel happy that I am creating items that I believe will allow people to get out and ride. I am now living vicariously through my customers.

This means that I am now “riding” even more. This is a great thing. Still a nice little selfie from today’s ride.

fixed gear bike selfie

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