Facebook Ads

So as you may have noticed I now have a small bike company to go with the blog, so as well as riding stories you now get my business trials and tribulations. The last few days I have been pondering the advice that seems to be everywhere for new start ups and I decided to follow the advice and run a Facebook advert.

Now Facebook has itself admitted that it is running out of space for running adverts, a look through your own feed may help to confirm that for you.

So I have been thinking about this. If I was Facebook and running out of ad space, would I want to give space to someone who’s page has 300 likes and does not want to spend a fortune? I would guess not, I would probably not be up for doing that if I was in charge of a huge corporation as well.

Despite this, I decided to run a small campaign, one in which you can win a small package for a “like” and a “share”. This according to all the online gurus and Shopify’s own blogs is the best way to get a return, especially as I am offering something in return. Now, personally, I was skeptical as I myself always look at these adverts and avoid them. To be truly honest I tend to pay no attention to any adverts on Facebook.

So my advert.

facebook boost advert for sultry bike co

This is the advert part of the way through, as you can see I did not run it with a huge amount of money. Mainly because I wanted to see how things went. Radio 4 had recently been telling us that the Tories have been running small campaigns like this on Facebook and then turning the good ones into million pound campaigns.

I use the term good ones pejoratively here.

This shows me that that I have had 47 engagements, costing myself £1.11. The text you can see was designed to boost Facebook likes and shares. I admit here I have made a mistake, I did not realize that the advert would be crossposted with Instagram. There is a tab in the above picture and I presume I missed it when I created the post boost advert.

This means that all my engagements have come from Instagram. Which was not the intended outcome. Interestingly though I posted the same image on Instagram a few hours later and with different text. Mainly because I had not realized that Facebook was only going to post my advert there.

instagram stats on advertt

So this is my post. It has comments and likes, 53 likes to be clear.

Instagram adverts stats

As you can see it has 45 likes, no shares, and none of the likes followed my page. My above post brought both comments, more likes, and new follows to the page. This was just through hashtags and communicating on other people’s pictures, which was something I did before I became a business, so it is no hardship and something I would be doing anyway.

So from this, I can take, if I want a Facebook advert to make sure that it is only going to appear on Facebook. I have changed the advert to do this and will see how it goes. Currently,


facebook advert stats

As you can see it has still had higher organic views over paid for views. At the minute I am tempted to say “Meh” to Facebook adverts. The Facebook views have not really turned into anything, generally, you can blame the image for that but it converts highly on Instagram when it is not an advert.

I may therefore just be confirming my own bias here but I feel if you are not throwing Coca-Cola amounts of money at Facebook then the adverts are not performing as well as they once were. Our feeds are full of sponsored posts and we have subconsciously learned to ignore them.

Which seems like a great option, otherwise everyday I would be spending a fortune on things I do not need or even really like. Much like my post from the other day, I feel that actually talking to people, meeting them in real or virtual life and building a community is the way forward. Particularly if you do not have a huge marketing budget, as you may have guessed I don’t.

Truthfully I am writing this in the hope it causes me to have egg on my face and my facebook advert takes off. Must be the feeling people have when they buy a lottery ticket.

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