Back Once Again

Something about a renegade master.

This site used to be a little labour of love, a bit of fun. Then my life sort of fell apart.

It fell apart in a very conclusive way, if you were an early reader of this blog you may have read the post that was posted in when my life was falling apart. If not, well you didn’t miss much, just huge emotional stress.

This nicely became pretty serious depression, cognitive issues, and a huge amount of amnesia. The amnesia part probably means if I promised you anything at any point this year and didn’t deliver well it was because I forgot, I also had to forget the huge issues from my relationship, these issues still cause me a daily fight against my own self-worth, currently valued at 5p. In another note if I did promise you something and forgot, contact me through the contact box on this site and I will fix that issue for you.

Now onto some cycling. As I have spent ages mired in my own doubt and an inability to do normal everyday things like go for a shower or actually ride my bike, I have not had any reason to update this site, that and I had no real idea what was going on in the world.  I therefore decided that now I am starting to regain my ability to think, my amnesia is receding, and I am getting much further away from my abusive ex-partner, it is time to plan something for the future.

As someone who raced BMX and therefore likes cycling short distances I have decided to ride the WEMBO Solo 24hr World Championships. I mostly used this event as it is something I have never done before and therefore any placement will be a victory for myself and not another reason to doubt myself. It is a £190 to enter, that is an amount of money that seems silly to fritter away and is another form of incentive to race, it always comes down to money. It is far enough away that I can train properly and hopefully use that to help combat my depression, I would quite like to get away from leaving the pharmacy with a carrier bag full of drugs.

As such I have started to actually ride my bike. I’ll come back to the bike and why I picked it in a future blog. How about some scenic pictures from down beside the Clyde whilst I pedalled around Wishaw.


Nicely you should be able to see a nice traditional burnt out car in one picture and in one there is a brand new Velosolutions pumptrack, which like the bike will have a future blog entry. If you want to know more about the Wishawhill Wood Pumptrack before, click the blue writing.

Now I have sort of laid out an agenda I will retire to my life off the internet.

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