Yesterday I went for a ride, it was shorts weather in Scotland, which seems crazy only a couple of days before Christmas but I guess that is climate change for you.

So anyway I was off on a pedal. I decided as I need to get fit riding to head out to my least favourite Scottish trail centre, it seemed like a great idea. Why, did I decide to do that? Well, as I could ride there mostly on road I felt I could tap out a nice tempo and as most of the way there was uphill, I couldn’t slouch until the way home, which as we all know is the best time to be mostly heading on a downhill run.

If you want you can see where my terrible lapse in fitness currently has me on Strava, I have now remembered my password. I have also now decided to just take photos as I ride along, I seem to be able to get better pictures than when I stop and compose a nicely framed picture, so there may be a lesson to learn from that.


The ride in itself was uneventful, except the bit where a guy driving an Audi was his overly colourful Spesh on the back nearly killed me in his rush to get to Carron Valley. It felt satisfying passing him and his multi thousand pound Enduro on the first climb up from the carpark. I will never truly understand why people need to take full sus bikes to Carron Valley, I might let you off with a 100mm travel XC machine but a 160mm travel 29er just seems way too overkill for the mild terrain of CV.

I did get back home after being out for 2 1/2 hours and felt like I should have gone harder/ done more so that’s great. I was planning to get out today but a combination of high winds and a boiler that has decided hot water is not an option today means I have spent the day indoors.

What have I been doing indoors? Well Sundays and Xmas eve do not seem to make much of a difference to the people of Taiwan and I have been working on a project to bring some nice, sensible bike parts to the people of the UK. More on that later. I did though sort out some clothing, if you like dubious wording and puns you may like the items. Check out the store button or the Facebook store.



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