New Lanark to Wishaw and Back

Seemingly when you write a blog you should have snazzy titles like “5 Ways in Which Carbon Sucks” or “Why Steel is Super Duper Awesome”. I fail at creating titles like that and I feel I have probably covered those two issue before anyway, so instead have a title that does exactly what is says on the tin so to speak.

So today I was supposed to be taking a ride from Wishaw to New Lanark and back again for a great social enterprise, Socialtrack. They help make cycling fun and I in a declaration of interest have one with the company. So due to various reasons that ride did not happen, tis life.

So instead I decided to do the route the opposite way. If you want you can see it here on Strava, sadly it does not seem to show the wattage I expended swearing at the gates around Crossford but there you go. My elapsed time and riding time were very different today, mainly as I kept stopping to take in the view, so I might as well show you a few pictures.

This is part of an idea I have for doing New Lanark to Arrochar in a day and I was wanting to see what the route was like. I pretty much stayed on the Clyde Walkway which is not a challenging cycle but does have great views.

My only issue really was the crazy number of gates at Crossford, literally every hundred metres and only there to impede progress I guess. I would assume it is a landowner who is upset with people using a track that has been used for hundreds of years.

There is also a heck of a lot of stairs on the ride, I do get it is a walk way and this is therefore not much of a complaint. Some have passage at the side but most you will be climbing and carrying your bike. The other main issue looks to be just after the Crossford gates is the fields beside the path drain directly on to the path. The path looked like this is normally a quagmire but as it was below zero today, I could use my plus size tyres to float above the ruts and not crack through the frost.

I would probably write more but after Christmas I seem particularly exhausted this evening and will come back to this another time.


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