It Goes Ting a Ling

So we are in the New Year and so far my first training ride was washed off, I then decided to use a pump track on the second day as a way to train my upper body and condition my whole body and on the third day I have decided to post about a bike bell.

I did do some press ups and squats though today, I really didn’t like them, in fact they sucked but I did feel my heart bother to switch on and my breathing got a bit heavy, in fact it felt a bit like when I get my tax bill and then think about Amazon or Google.

However, it forced me to actually do some work of a kind. In my many travels through the bike industry I have come across great and terrible ideas, sadly we quite often miss great ideas as the company behind them doesn’t have the marketing budget to get the media to pay attention to them. Other times I come across items that are cool and do a job, they might not set the world on fire but I like them. Sometimes they are just lying there in a parts bin in Taiwan or China, forgotten about by the rest of the world. I guess I feel about these parts the same way some people feel about rescue dogs. In a way I have to give them a home, they need it.

Some of these parts I will be doing through this blog and a couple of real live shops, out there in the real world doing battle in the fierce outdoor retail commerce world. One of those was a cute little retro bell, it looks like a Spurcycle bell from a distance but I always liked that look but never cared for the price tag. I get that it is artisan and handmade but it just doesn’t seem to grab me in the same way as an artisanal made frame does. I guess it is because I see a bell as a utilitarian part of bike but a great frame is an artwork, this is just my thinking and not necessarily correct.

Anyway the bell.


It goes ting, fits pretty much every handlebar available and costs a whole £15 to your door. It may also come with a cool sticker and everyone loves stickers. Once I have them all sorted out I will have them in the store section above.

On Facebook I posted the bell with a little blurb.

Ting a ling, we have a bell coming soon.

It will help stop those angry encounters with dog walkers when you are in the arse end of nowhere and you said “Excuse me” instead of ringing a bell, the rebel that you are.

We have made the bell out of special formula we call G.T.F.O.O.M.W, feel free to guess what the acronym stands for and remember what the bike trade needs are more acronyms.

I guess this was kind of an advert, I hate adverts but feel free to guess the acronym.


6 thoughts on “It Goes Ting a Ling

  1. That bell design reminded me of this article I came across a few days ago about the inability of Spurcycle to protect their design IP based on changes in patent law as they released their product to the market. I’d never pay the Spurcycle artisan bell prices, but it’s a good lesson in protecting design ip as their bell design is now literally everywhere being made by everyone.


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