I Am An Athlete

Yeah, I am officially riding for a small team now this year. I must be great.If you are an avid reader of this blog, and if you aren’t why are you not, you may remember that I posted I will be riding the WEMBO 24hr Solo Mountain Bike World Championship this October. I was talking to the guys that run Socialtrack  about this idea and slowly we started to hatch a plot. It also helps that I write their blog occasionally and hang out at the pub with them.

They decided to create a team and to combine it with the Wishaw Mountain Bike Club, so now there is a WMBC-Socialtrack team. You can read about the team here and what the future goals are for the team.

I am delighted by this prospect.

sultry single speeder at glentress

Mars drinks and Pringles will be making up the majority of my sports nutrition and if either of them would like to sponsor my growing athletic programme they can feel free to use the contact me button to tell me, I will also accept Greggs as a sponsor.

I guess that should mean I am out training today but instead I am on the sofa doing not much as I have a case of the snuffles and have to go for a CT scan on my head, I guess even the NHS is worried that I have finally gone totally mad. So my training for the Kielder Chiller will have to wait till tomorrow, it looks like it should be fun to go and play in the snow that has been falling all day today anyway.

As I am feeling sorry for myself I had a look at Bikeradar and it had a nice article about 5 tech things we all need. I read the article and realised I could not give a fuck about anything they said, so I know that I am still a relatively cogent person. I still think graphene given its conductive powers would be great for e-bikes but I am still a bit meh for everything else about them. I did have a pair of the Vittorias when they first came out and they performed exactly like any other tyre at their price point but better than the old Vittorias in that they could handle a slightly wet road without trying to kill you, which is nice.

I am also really happy to see that SRAM are bringing another new bottom bracket size to the market because what we need is a crank with an axle of 28.99mm. What you will be completely amazed to know is that the new DUB cranks are stiffer than all other cranks and weigh less than them too. However something that is great is that they will fit all frames, seemingly. Meaning they will fit 49mm chainlines (non-boost). 52mm chainlines (Boost and fat bikes), I guess that is pretty cool. If they had just done with a 24mm spindle I would have been totally delighted.




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