Snow Day

After multiple excuses for not riding recently, I managed to squeeze a small pedal in and now I feel all the better for it, it also made me think about a few things I may try for my 24 hour race that is rapidly coming closer.

As well as riding today I started the day with a bit of cross training. Myself and the small person went out to make the most of the snow, she took her sledge, or rather I pulled her about on a sledge, and I took my Burton Throwback board.

snow adventures in scotland

Due to life and circumstances I have not really had anytime on a proper snowboard, aside from a week in Morzine 2 years ago, in ages. The Throwback board from Burton has been great as every time Alys goes sledging I have been able to slash a few small hills on the Throwback Snurfer type board. It is something I just leave in the garage and bring out once or twice a year, possibly one of the best impulse buys I have ever made. I pull Alys up the slope, send her down it and snurf down to her and then repeat till she gets bored, I tend not to.

Then I hit out on the bike, it was a little fun. People out walking their dogs were friendly, happy, and just seemed to want to talk today, which was really nice for a change. The bike has now shed it’s gears and turned into a beautiful butterfly of  a single speed bike.

single speed surly instigator

I forgot the lovely burn you feel in your quads after pootling about on your single speed bike. I had got so used to changing down to gear that made everything easier, this can be seen in that I went up a climb I sometimes do and set a PR according to Strava, still miles off the times set by the roadies up the climb though.

If you look at the Strava you may see where I turned off for a small climb and back down again. This climb is my Everest, mentally I have to be on it to slay it. Today I wanted to lay a marker on it, it didn’t work out as my feet were buried in the snow as I pedalled and then a little storm rolled in again. Rather than impress nobody by killing myself to get higher up the climb I decided to retreat and try it another day, one with slightly more favourable weather conditions.

fire road climb

I will just say I don’t think this photo does justice to the climb.

So it was a small ride but it allowed me to think a lot about the Kielder Chiller and I have a few changes I will make to the bike for the event, I’ll show these changes once they have happened and I have also got a small idea about brake pads for events such as this.

When I got in I sat sown to wee look at Singletrack. I decided to have another look at the SRAM Dub cranks that I mentioned yesterday. I still can not quite understand how they made one great decision but absolutely ruined by bringing one of the worst decisions ever. I also missed a part where the talked about how reliable GXP bearings were in their press release, I am just assuming they were playing a joke on us all here, as everyone knows how terrible GXP bearings are. I have to say I am fairly relieved that all the online comments about this crankset is what a fucking joke SRAM are for releasing it, finally people are not falling for the slick marketing. Happy days.


3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Hey, that Burton board looks like a lot of fun! I sold all my snowboard gear when we moved (I had a Bataleon and hated it!) and won’t be hitting the slopes proper for a while so one of those would be great for mucking about and I like that me and the OH can share it – it’s genius in fact!

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    1. I used to ride a Bataleon Evil Twin and I loved that board, which I guess is purely subjective.

      I think the Throwback/Snurfer type boards are great as you remember why edges work after playing on one for a while but it is great fun and requires a very limited amount of snow to actually work.

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      1. My OH has an evil twin and he loves it! He never figured out why I didn’t get on with mine (Distortia) but I think it was a little too big and a little too heavy = lots of calamities once tired (which was often as James is first to last lift kind of guy). I’d buy again – I loved the rocker and the designs as lush –
        just a bit smaller.

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