Gone Snurfing

Today I went with a small change in my plans, it had been snowing since 7am and it was now 9am and the accumulations were building so off I set in search of a mini-adventure. 

Many people may think that going on a mini-adventure in the snow is dangerous or foolish but the riskiest part of my day occured before I had even decided to leave to go snowboarding/snurfing.

Crossing at a zebra crossing to get the paper I nearly got killed both times I crossed. First one was because as a car braked, perhaps too aggressively, it entered a nice wee skid, a quick jump from myself averted any danger and the driver looked terrified, so no harm no foul really.

The second crossing as I was walking across a car just kept coming, this time his mirror clipped me. The guy stopped got out, shouted at me so I pointed to the stopped cars on the other side and the black and white lines that meant I was on a zebra crossing. He called me a smartarse and drove off. Fun times.

That was a great way to start the day. So I got back had a cup of coffee and decided that the logging lorry track up the back of North Third may be like a small piste today and decided to take the Snurfer-a-like Burton Throwback. The walk along past Swan’s Water was pretty chilled and it felt like I had the whole world to myself.

After a 45 minute hike I had reached my rather small summit for the day. Ironically with just over 6 inches of powder on a hard base it was as good as some days at the ski resorts in Scotland. I had it all to myself and all for not really any effort.


I had my “piste” all to myself and if I still had my proper board it would have loved this, but whether or not my knee would have loved been stuck back in a binding is another issue altogether.


The 5 minute ride was a proper slip, slidy affair until I managed to get my head to remember that I do not have metal edges to turn with and the board requires a little more management but the smiles were never ending.

After reaching the end of the piste I hiked over to the Cambu woods. Sadly there was a lot less snow there and a lot more mud.

snow in the cambu woods

I then hit down the road back home. Turns out a road with a small covering of snow is awesome on the Throwback.

road snowboarding

Okay that picture is not from the road down from Cambu, pretty much as you are looking at the wood here. I got home and decided I needed a few more runs so went off to see what the fields were like here and again the road turned out to be faster and I amused a few walkers as I slid down the road.

I guess the point of this piece is go and have fun, you might even exercise by accident.

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