5 Best Beginners Skateboards a Guide For Parents(UK Edition)

As a parent, it can be hard to know where to begin when looking for a skateboard for your child. You don’t wnat to be stuck asking “What kind of skateboard shouild I get for begiiners?” and be given a list of £100+ complete skateboards.

You want one that will be great for them but also not cost the earth in case they decide not to stick with it. That is why we have created this guide to the 5 best beginners skateboards available in the UK. The boards will make skateboarding easier for your child.

The 5 boards we have picked for our skateboard guide represent excellent value. They are boards that will help your child learn to skateboard and keep it fun. There are cheaper boards available but they won’t last and will tend to come with wheels that do not want to roll.

We will start by going through the skateboards, and after that, we will have a look at the reasons for picking them and advice on some skateboard terms.

Enuff POW 2 Junior/Mini Complete Skateboard



The Pow is Enuff’s entry-level complete skateboard. It will suit smaller and younger children, from 5 years old to around 10, as they transition into skateboarding. It is 7.25″ wide which is a great width for small feet and will have your child kickflipping in next to no time. It is one of our favourite best complete skateboards for beginners and would be our choice for the title of best first skateaboard available.

Even though this board is entry level, Enuff has not cut corners. The board is properly shaped and comes with a medium concave, balancing strength and stability. The nose and tail both have a nice shape to make popping into tricks easier.

Coming with a full maple deck construction, proper metal skateboard trucks and 54mm softer wheels, the Pow is perfect for younger kids wanting to try out the sport with a quality set-up straight out of the box.


Deck 7.25″ x 29.5″
Trucks 129mm Enuff Decade
Wheels 54mm 90A
Bearings ABEC 9

 Enuff Fade Skateboard


The Enuff Fade comes in a variety of colours and widths so you should be able to find one you like. You will find the skateboard is available in orange, red, green, and blue. They come in 7.75″, which is good for 10 years plus, and also in 8″, 8.125″, and 8.13″. So you should be able to get one to go with your child. It the best skateboard for adult beginners as well as being great for kids.

Like the POW mini skateboard above the Fade comes with softer 54mm wheels. These skateboard wheels will make it easier for your child, and perhaps yourself, to skate around. The deck has a deep concave and comes comprised of 7 plies of maple.

A deep concave will make the board fun for flying around bowls and other transitions. It will hold your feet exactly where you need them to be. Also, like the Enuff above it comes with a set of high-quality trucks.


Deck 31” x 7.72”, 8”, 8.125”, 8.3”
Trucks Enuff Decade
Wheels 54mm 90A
Bearings ABEC 9

Birdhouse Stage 3 Bias Logo Skateboard


Birdhouse is the skateboard company created by the best-known skateboarder in the world, Tony Hawk. The Birdhouse Stage 3 Bias Logo skateboard is a board that is well designed for a teenager to get into skateboarding. We would state that the Birdhouse skateboard is the best beginner skateboard for a teenager or older child.

The board comes with 52mm wheels that are 100a hard, this is about as hard as wheels get. These make the board a good choice for someone who wants to go and skate street. The smaller wheels should help to make flipping easier as they keep the board’s weight down.

You also get a set of 5.25 Birdhouse branded skateboard trucks. These trucks are a good choice, and they will be easy to move onto other boards when the deck on this skateboard has died.


Deck 32” x 8.125”
Trucks Birdhouse 5.25
Wheels Birdhouse 52mm 101A
Bearings ABEC 7

Tony Hawk SS180 Skateboard


Birdhouse is Tony Hawk’s premium brand, and his Tony Hawk range is designed for those who are more price conscious. The quality is still high though. The Tony Hawk SS180 is a good board for those around 10 who are starting to get into skateboarding.

The SS180 comes with 55mm 95a wheels. These wheels will help to roll across rough ground, and they will provide a nice bit of gip on wooden skateparks. Indoor parks can become a bit slidey if you are riding 100a wheels.

You also get trucks hat again can be used on other boards as your child wears down their first deck. We picked boards for our skateboard guide that have parts that can be changed over to new decks.

Some cheaper or beginner setups use older truck mounting holes. The old school mounting pattern means you will have to drill holes in new decks or buy new trucks when your current deck has died.


Deck 31.5” x 8”
Trucks  5.25
Wheels 54mm 95A
Bearings ABEC 7

Tony Hawk SS180 Downtown Mini Skateboard pack


So the Tony Hawk SS180 mini skateboard is similar to the above board except it comes in a 7.375″ width. The smaller width makes it a good choice for those children between 5 and 10. The other great thing is this board comes with safety gear.

You get a skateboard helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. Making a nice one shop stop for kitting your child out.

The skateboard also comes with truck bushings that are pretty soft. Soft bushings make it easier for lighter children to be able to turn and carve the skateboard around a skatepark.


Deck 31” x 7.375”
Trucks 5” with 85a bushings
Wheels 54mm 95A
Bearings ABEC 3

ReVive Pro Electric Aaron Kyro Skateboard Deck


So we have a little bonus item for you. Once your child has started to skateboard, they will probably want a custom skateboard. So check out the above ReVive skateboards deck.

As your child starts to skateboard they might start to watch skateboarding videos on YouTube. They will more than likely come across Aaron Kyro, the pro whose name is on the bottom of the above deck.

He has a great series on videos on how to land tricks and also on skating things that probably should not be skated. He has videos skating boards made from glass, ceramics, and various other crazy ideas. He will probably have the pro board your child wants.

What skateboard should I not buy?

One thing we should point out is that Penny boards, and similar style boards, might look great for a child as they are small. The problem is they are hard to skate. They have a really short wheelbase and an awkward tail, this gives them their fresh look, but it is a nightmare to skate, even once you have learned how to skate.

Penny boards are not good skateboards for beginners.

penny boards are bad for skateboarding

Do I need to buy a custom skateboard?

Some people will encourage you to buy a custom complete skateboard. For a parent with no experience of skateboarding, this can be very daunting. There are a lot of terms you will never have heard of, and then you have the joy of putting it together.

That is why we have gone for 5 completes. They will arrive at your door ready to skate. You will have no problems with needing to set them up. Which will be great if you are buying a skateboard for Christmas or for a birthday.

What is a skateboard deck constructed from?

What you will want for your child is a skateboard deck constructed from 7 layers of maple wood. These layers are referred to as plies, and they are glued together and then held under immense pressure to give them shape.


The easy to see shaped parts are the upturned nose and tail. There will also be a shape widthwise across the board. We call this shape concave. Some boards will come with less, and some will come with more.

Concave and nose and tail size all become a preference and would be something we do not need to worry about too much just now.

What are skateboard trucks?

iron skateboard truck

Skateboard trucks are very similar to the axles on your car. They are the part that secures your wheel and bearing to the underside of the skateboard deck. They are the part that does the steering.

You will see two rubber looking parts at the rear of your truck. These parts are called bushings. They tend to be made of polyurethane. They come in a variety of hardness, this also becomes a preference. Wehave just written a nice blog about skateboard bushings.

The skateboards we have picked for this guide come with bushings that are designed for children. They are of lower hardness and will make the skateboard easier to steer.

What are skateboard wheels?

spitfire skateboard wheels

Skateboard wheels are similar to bushings and are constructed from polyurethane. Wheels come in a range of sizes from around 50mm to 60mm. The bigger the wheel, the faster it will roll.

Smaller wheels are also lighter as well as slower. The smallest of wheel sizes are harder to roll smoothly so you will be wanting around 53mm to 55mm for children. You will find that some brands also fit softer wheels, this makes it easier for children to roll across rough ground.

What are skateboard bearings?

inside skateboard bearings

Skateboard bearings are the part that allows you to roll. There are a few myths around bearings and their quality. We have written a blog post explaining the myths of skateboard bearings.

Learning to skateboard

Learning to skateboard is hard. There will be a lot more failure before you start to land tricks. For us that makes skateboarding a great educator. Your child will learn to correct mistakes, and from these mistakes, they will be able to turn them into success.

It will help them to understand that not everything works first time and it takes time and practice to get better. It will make later life experiences, such as exams, an easier thing to deal with.

Braille Skateboarding do some great videos on Youtube that help to break skateboarding down.

3 thoughts on “5 Best Beginners Skateboards a Guide For Parents(UK Edition)”

  1. You should look into SaferSkate polymer skateboard bearings from Australia.
    Skateboarding will never be the same.
    They are incredibly stable and make any skateboard safer and easier to ride, yet they roll really smoothly and well, which is important, right?
    They are so stable they even make little Penny Classic’s easy to ride.
    I’m 56, have Parkinson’s, and I’m not afraid to step on my Penny!


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