My Current Skateboard Setup


Yeah, my featured image is a bit crap, but then I am no way shape or form a professional photographer. So I’ll give a few words about my new setup and why I picked that parts that I have.

Magenta Ben Gore Perceptions 8.125″




I mentioned in my previous blog that I had decided to change my skateboarding habits. I had to choose to move away from bowls due to a load of anxiety issues that I was developing and try and push myself in new ways.

I used to skate big boards between 8.5,” and 9″ wide and going down sizewise was easier than I thought. I actually found that I prefer shorter wheelbases and I’ll go into wheelbases in a future article as I find the wheelbase to be more of an issue than width. The wheelbase on the 8.125″ version of this Magenta deck is 14.25″ since you asked.

There were a few reasons why I choose this deck. The main one is that Magenta decks are manufactured by BBS (Bareback/Generator). I have found their wood to be pretty good and always has nice pop.

The other one and this will be the same for most deck purchases, I liked the Magenta aesthetic. I really enjoy their 2015 video “Just Cruise,” I feel it may have been my motivation to change my style as much as my mental issues.

Iron Skateboard Trucks

iron skateboard truck review

I decided to step out of my comfort zone with trucks. I have pretty much always ridden Thunder or Indy when I would jump up to really wide boards. I was going to try Venture, as you can see I am so adventurous that I was still going to stay on one of the big 3 truck brands.

However, while perusing the net, I found Iron trucks. They seemed to be a price point brand, and a little Googling brought no information. The only information I could find was that they were made in the EU. So I’ve decided they must be part of the Jart empire.

They are a new experience for me and the first time I have ever bought “low” trucks.

iron skateboard trucks bushings review

Aesthetically I like these bushings. So I am going to guess I will find them either too soft or too hard. I am going to place a bet on too soft at the minute.

My first impressions are that they seem well made. The pain on the hanger looks pretty thick, so we’ll see how that affects slappies. I think they look pretty cool and at their price hopefully a bit of a bargain.

Spitfire Formula Four Classics 50mm

spitfire formula four classic wheels

Wheel wise I have also taken a jump down from 58/60mm wheels. I had a debate about wheel shape and decided I would mess about with Spitfire’s Classic shape.

Formula Fours I went for as forums, and everyone I meet seems to love them. I am always a bit wary when something has so much love. I feel like someone’s marketing division has been working overtime and everyone has drunk the Koolaid.

I like the idea that they can slide and not flat spot, I don’t think I have ever landed a track where I wasn’t carving.

Skateboard Hardwear

skateboard hardwear review

Hardwear wise I have gone for some bearings and bolts I picked up through my day job, sorting out Chinese/Taiwan bike parts. I also went for good ole Mob grip.

So that is my current setup.

magenta skateboard deck, iron trucks, spitfire wheels

If you fancy any of these parts then follow the links to Amazon. I may even make a few pennies if you do so.

Magenta Ben Gore Deck –

Iron Skateboard Trucks –

Spitfire Formula Four Wheels –

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