Tuesday Thoughts: Dan Mancina

How would you feel if you found out you were going blind? How would it impact your life? Would it change how you did everything? Would you then fight to overcome going blind and carry on living your life the way you want to? That is precisely what Dan Mancina did.

So watch the video above and realize at that time Dan Mancina had lost around 95% of his vision. He could only see contrast at the very right of his eye. I can’t even walk around my house without tripping over things. For myself this personifies dedication.

Since then he has had a prosthetic eye fitted to his left eye and will have to have a similar operation to his right eye. The next video shows how he deals with this in his way — overcoming adversity with a bit of black humor.

I guess my point is that Dan Mancina has not let something pretty major hold him back and neither should any of us.


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