Throwback Thursday: New Deal Skateboards


New Deal skateboards are coming back. They are having 30th anniversay relaunch and bringing out all their classic graphics for 1990-92.  New Deal was the original useless wooden toy and now might be the time to look back on their classic videos. New Deal could be seen as the brand that truly removed us from the 80’s neon and terrible short choices into the image that most of the genral public still associate with skateboarders. They were also the first brand to launch with a video and then product, which may seem really obvious now adays.

15 Min Promo

To go with the re-launch their old videos have all been uploaded to Youtube, so lets start with 15 Min Promo, which is a 15 minute promo video.

15 Min Promo was skateboarders taking back their industry, It was out with the old (vert) and in with the new (street). The video starred Andy Howell, Danny Sargent, Steve Douglas, Andrew Morrison, and Ed Templeton. These people went on to, and still do, guide skateboarding.

Useless Wooden Toys

Useless Wooden Toys might just be one of the most influential skateboarding videos of all time. Featuring Ali Mills, Andrew Morrison, Andy Howell, Anthony Hall, Anthony Hancock, Armando Barajas, Brent Fellows, Chris Hall, Danny Sargent, Doug Saenz, Ed Templeton, Joe Ryckebosch, John Duff, John Montesi, Justin Girard, Neil Hendrix, Nick Tancraitor, Paul Zitzer, Rick Ibaseta, Ron Knigge, Steve Douglas, Thomas Taylor,  and the late great Tim Brauch.



The last great New Deal video, there are others but you might want to forget about them. Featuring John Montessi, Chris Hall, Rick Ibaseta, Ron Knigge, Chris Fissel, Danny Sargent, Fred Olande, Andy Howell, Rene Matthyssen, Armando, Justin Girard, Neal Hendrix, Ed Templeton,  and at the behest of Ed Mike Vallely.

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