Throwback Thursday: Static 2 Bobby Puleo

I’ve been pretty quiet the last week so to get myself back into the flow of things it is time to look at this banger from 2004.

Everything about this part is incredible. The intro for this part went onto become a cliche video intro, everyone and their mum has tried to rip this, and no one has really succeeded the way Josh Stewart has.

From the very moment that “Shangri-La” by The Kinks kicks we know that we’re onto a good one. The footwork and speed that Bobby brings to this part seem to be tangentially connected to his brown cords and white tee look. A look that also became pretty much copied by everyone.

Trickwise the backside nosegrind on the wavy flat bar has been emblazoned upon my mind for years now. It looks perfect, and the filming of it was just great. It is worth the price of admission all by itself.

The final trick is a bank to bank ollie, that just oozes style, it is then finished off with Bobby pushing into the sunset. You just need to watch the setion and realise that it is the perfect 3 minutes.

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